A Leader in Electrochemical and Electrocoagulation Water and Wastewater Treatment

At Elgressy, we understand the unique requirements and challenges associated with water treatment.

We understand the need for durability, reliability and cost efficiency, and developed our revolutionary systems in accordance.

Our patented and innovative systems are applicable for the industrial, commercial and municipal sectors. Read More

In 1977, Elgressy Engineering was established with a target of developing cost-effcient and 100% green electrochemical systems for treating water and wastewater. Today, Elgressy is an industry leader in chemical-free water treatment with thousands of installations world-wide.Wastewater Treatment

With patented and innovative electrochemistry, electrocoagulation and electro oxidation technology at its core, Elgressy developed groundbreaking, chemical-free water treatment solutions for industrial, commercial and municipal applications.
Elgressy’ industrial-grade systems revolutionize water and wastewater treatment by providing simple, reliable and cost-efective systems and knowhow.

Elgressy systems are designed for long life and simple serviceability, always keeping the operator and maintenance technician in mind.
Elgressy maintains lasting relationships with its customers by keeping their water treatment applications problem free and providing engineering, technical and training support.

Cooling Towers Treatment – EST

Elgressy EST electrochemical systems are revolutionizing cooling tower treatment by providing a comprehensive and effective treatment against scaling, corrosion and bio-fouling.

Minimizing the risk of Legionella Pneumophila – LPB

Elgressy’ patented LPB system maximizes protection against Legionella Pneumophila bacteria in hot and cold water systems. The LPB system is effective, economical and safe.

Legionella bacteria are found in every possible water source,
with the best conditions for growth prevailing in hot water

Traditional treatment against Legionella is based on chlorine
dioxide dosing, which is dangerous, expensive and corrosive.

Corrosion prevention – ECP

Typically, hazardous chemicals are added to the cooling water to inhibit corrosion of system components, to retard mineral scaling and to limit bacteria growth.