Technology List


Wasser Resources identifies and supplies leading edge economical and ecological solutions to address the needs and challenges of our clients and partners.  The following are so of the solutions we provide:

Harvest power from the sun                                 Canadian Solar Shingles

Harvest heat from the sun                                     Chromagen Solar Hot Water

Harvest ocean wave power                                    EcoWave Ocean Power

Harvest river current power                                  Oryon Run of River Power

Enhance buildings with living interiors                  Genetron Aquaponics

Grow food indoors                                                     Local Grown Foods

Protect buildings from mold and pathogens         ViaClean BioProtect Nano Treatments

Protect building entrances from heat loss             Heat Saving Systems Air Curtains

Protect buildings from summer solar heat            ETime Solar Window Coatings & Films

Manage building maintenance process                 Eagle Computerized Maintenance Management

We are commited to building  sustainable optimized solutions to conserve energy, reduce GHG emmissions, reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency.