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What is an Air Curtain or Air Door?

Air Curtains or Air Doors (the terms are used interchangeably) are the mechanical units used to create air foils across entrance doors when the physical doors are open. Air curtains effectively block the entry of cold dry winter air and hot humid summer air. By doing this, air curtains conserve energy and protect the building environment and occupants all year long. Effective Air Curtains therefore provide protection against the elements when the doors are opened temporarily to let people and materials enter and exit, as they must do. Air Curtains and Air Doors complement the thermal protection of building insulation by mitigating the loss of insulation continuity each time a door is opened.

Air Curtain Models

AC200 Air Curtains for Drive Through, Parking Kiosk, Ticket Wicket & Transit Windows

Air curtain AC200-39E5

AC300 Air Curtains for Apartments,Office Buildings and Retailers Flyer

Air curtain AC300-59E13

AC400 Air Curtains for Parking Garage and Freight Doors  Flyer

Air curtain AC400-59E16

AC1000 Air Curtains for Retail Malls, Hotels & Institutional Buildings Flyer

Air curtain AC1000-79E21

AC1001 Air Curtains for Institutional, Hotel and Condominiums Flyer

Air curtain AC1001-79E16

Model AC1002: Institutional, Hotel, Condo & Mall Doors, Ceiling Mount – Download FlyerAir curtain AC1002-79E21

Product Features and Options

  • Standard Unit Lengths: 39″, 59″ and 79″
  • Heating Modes: Electric Heated, Hot Water Heated and Ambient (Unheated)
  • Adjustable Fan Speed and Temperature Controls
  • Control by Manual Handheld, Thermostat and Photoelectric Monitor
  • Most Units can be suspended, wall mounted or floor mounted

Product Benefits

  • Reduce Winter Heating Costs: Many Units Qualify for Enbridge & Union Gas Incentives
  • Reduce Summer Air Conditioning and Dehumidification Costs
  • Increase Comfort for Both Staff and Building Visitors
  • Reduce Snow and Rain Entry to Entrance Area Slip and Fall Risk
  • Reduce Floor Washing Costs by Reducing Entry of Blown In Snow and Rain
  • Reduce Infiltration of Dust, Insects and In Debris

Building Sectors that Use Air Curtains

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