Ceiling Fans


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Thermal destratification ceiling fans can save your business up to 35 percent or more on energy costs with a typical ROI of 12 to 36 months. Airbus’ patented process of thermal equalization consists of a series of ceiling mounted air turbines working in concert to address the destratification needs of most facilities ranging in height from 8 to 100+ feet.


  • Destratification fan/Air Turbine
  • Designed to deliver columnar laminar flow of air from ceiling to floor


  • Used to de-stratify/thermally equalize buildings
  • Used to equalize humidity
  • Used to increase thermal comfort during the summer and winter
  • Used to reduce ceiling temperature to extend life of lighting ballast
  • Used as a spot cooler
  • Optional accessories to adapt unit to varying requirements and conditions

Attributes & Characteristics

  • Energy efficient operation
  • Easy installation
  • Columnar laminar flow
  • Free hanging, unit can be angled up to 90º off vertical

 Save Energy

Hot air always rises, but with Airius destratification fans your energy bill will fall. The Air Pear and Designer Series eliminate over-heating and over-cooling costs by balancing internal air temperatures

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Create Comfort

When the Air Pear or Designer Series fans balance the overall temperature at your business, customers and employees are more comfortable. That means higher sales and higher productivity.

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Patented Stator Design

All Airius fans feature exclusive patented stator technology, delivering a tight, non-turbulent column of air that maximizes throw while requiring minimal power.

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