Building Envelope


The most effective way to conserve energy is to prevent the loss of a building’s heat or cooling through the building’s skin including its doors, windows, walls and roof. We offer a wide array of products to help protect almost every element of your building envelope from the elements, and by doing so, helps you to reduce your maintenance costs and energy expenses.

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Roofing – Solar Shingle Canada – Photo Voltaic Roofing System

Convert your roof into an energy generation system. Our solar shingle replace conventional asphalt shingle tiles with an integrated system of modular pv tiles that easily connect together in a Lego-like fashion to transform an entire roof into a energy producing solar array. Solar Shingle obviate the need for costly and cumbersome racking for large cumbersome solar panels as well as asphalt shingles, dramatically reducing the cost of a fully functional energy system. Ideal for off-grid applications including remote First Nation communities, mining and resource extraction facilities, military facilities and scientific installations.

Entrance Doors – Heat Saving Systems – Air Curtains & Air Doors

Stop wasting energy due to losses from pedestrian and freight entrances. Conserve heated humidified air in the winter and cooled dehumidified air in the summer. Reduce energy consumption, provide building occupants with a comfortable environment year-round and reduce wear and tear on your entire heating and ventilation (HVAC) system. Ideal for busy pedestrian entrances as well as well as for large overhead doors.

eTime Energy Solar Window Film

Windows – eTime Liquid Applied Window Coatings

eTime HPS-G HeatShield is a retrofit window treatment that converts glass into radiant heat traps, capable of regulating the interior temperature of buildings. By applying a single layer (8 microns thin) to a window, this coating reduces heat transfer, making it optimal for both hot and cold climates. HPS-G HeatShield is based on nanotechnology which works on the principle of High Emissivity [High – E]. In the summer, it absorbs solar bands of light and uses them to heat glass. This creates a thermal barrier which reduces solar heat gain. In the winter, it preserves interior heat using a thermal barrier created by the convective heat from a building’s heating ventilation system. HeatShield saves energy by reducing cooling and heating requirements and Increases comfort by giving you the best of what the sun has to offer.

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Windows – HanitaTek – SolarZone – Solar Window Films

Dramatically reduce air conditioning costs, improve building occupant comfort levels and reduce ultraviolet (UV) light damage to vulnerable products including food and paint. HanitaTek SolarZone films transmit the desired light of the visible spectrum while blocking the damaging heat generating invisible UV spectrum light. Ideal for any facility with large windows where maintaining a stable comfortable environment while conserving energy is a priority.

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Windows – HanitaTek – SafetyZone – Security Window Films

HanitaTek SafetyZone films provide an invisible layer of protection to vulnerable facilities. Transparent, translucent and opaque films provide security against storms, vandalism and entry attempts. Provide your occupants, managers and insurers the protection they deserve with this economical risk mitigation technology. These films are widely used by banks, airports, justice facilities and military facilities, and any area that requires protection from many risks.

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