Wind Power


Wasser Resources Inc. now represents two innovative scalable wind power technologies. Both of these technologies are based on a unique scoop shaped wind blade. EnerCube applies this technology to ground and roof mounted applications. EnerTwr uses the same unique high efficiency blade to a a variety of pole mount applications.

EnerCube Portable Cubic Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

EnerCube introduces a new generation of portable win power to the market. EnerCube wind turbines can be quickly and efficiently erected any place power is required immediately.

EnerCube ground or roof mounted portable wind turbine systems are contained in an open architecture cube shaped structure. These dynamic frames and the wind turbine blades they contain can be erected in minutes – and then quickly connected.

EnerCubes are ideal for providing instant wind energy in any remote location including:

  • Mines and Exploration Camps
  • Forestry Operations
  • Festivals and SpecialEvents
  • Provincial and National Parks
  • Fishing & Hunting Camps
  • Remote Research Stations
  • Military Installations

Enercubes are economical and energy solution to a variety of power needs.


EnerTwr Tower Mounted Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

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EnerTwr is a vertical axis pole mounted wind turbine system developed in constructed in Canada.

These turbines can be mounted on dedicated wind turbine towers or added to existing telecommunication, power or other tower structures.

EnerTwr wind turbines are ideal for off-grid applications including:

  • Telecommunication Towers
  • Power Transmission Towers
  • Mountain Top Facilities
  • Operating Mines
  • Forestry Operations
  • Provincial and National Parks
  • Research Stations
  • Coat Guard and Military Installations

EnerTwr wind turbines can also be used in on-grid applications and may qualify for utility Feed in Tariff programs.

EnerTwr is an economical and energy efficient technology capable of producing power.


In a ground or roof mounted wind turbine system contained in an open architecture cube shaped structure.