Next Hydrogen

Clean hydrogen at MW-scale. Immediately. Economically.

Next Hydrogen water electrolysers let you generate more clean hydrogen, faster, than traditional electrolysers – and at a significantly reduced cost.

Sound like a bold claim? It is. And here’s how we do it: with the first significant advance in alkaline electrolyser cell design in decades. Our new and innovative cell module lets you exploit low-cost sources of energy, including renewables, while capturing the entire output range, even when it’s intermittent. And we created an “overdrive” mode that lets you double capacity within a short timeframe, using considerably smaller or fewer units than you would with a traditional solution. Plus, our electrolysers are compact and portable, with a small footprint. Which means you don’t have to invest in a build out.

MW-scale electrolytic hydrogen at a cost that makes sense.

Next Hydrogen water electrolysers were designed to generate utility-scale hydrogen economically. We also designed them so that you can generate clean hydrogen while capturing the entire output range of intermittent or fluctuating sources of electrical power, including renewables.

Each electrolyser features an “overdrive” mode that, in addition to capturing the entire output range, lets you produce hydrogen twice as quickly when electricity costs are lowest. So you can meet demand without having to sacrifice operational savings in the form of additional capital costs.

And our electrolysers are much smaller and more compact than traditional solutions. They even come pre-assembled and ready to drop in at your site, so they’ll be up and running quickly. There’s no need to pay for expensive and time-consuming build-outs. Each single unit can handle up to 2.5 MW, and multiple units can handle up to hundreds of MW.


  • Supply of water electrolyser equipment and integrated hydrogen production systems
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Operator training
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  • Electrolytic hydrogen production for end users