Paradox Access: Remote Rail & Road


Anywhere wheels are on the ground, Paradox Access Solutions has been solving or improving the pavements those wheels roll upon.

  • Roads: The demand for quality roads and highways has grown steadily and is expected to grow further as the world gets increasingly mobile. See how Paradox adds durability without adding cost to paved and unpaved roads.
  • Mining: The challenge of managing the movement and costs of a fleet of earthmoving machines into, out of and around a mining site is daunting.
  • Forestry: The timber industry knows well that trees grow where trees grow best: invariably a place that is tough to get to. Whether an access road or a stable work yard is needed, Paradox has the solution. For more details please read more.
  • Utilities: Power line and pipeline rights of way can go for hundreds of miles over mountains and through swamps. Maintenance people need ready and reliable access.
  • Rail: Trains move tremendous loads long distances, requiring rail beds to be strong and stable. Paradox combines geotechnical engineering and Tough Cell geocells to reduce costs and provide a stable and safe ride.
  • Sea & Airports: Large tracts of land need to be flat, stable and strong to support the activity at our airports and seaports. If the natural terrain is complicating things, Paradox has ways to ensure success.