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Globe LED Lighting’s unique ProxiLight is the only proximity based T8 tube style lighting technology with radar or infrared controls mounted directly on the light tube which offers multiple base light level settings and a higher light level when motion or occupants are detected in the vicinity of the light.

ProxiLights are ideal for parking garages, service corridors, stairwells, storage rooms and other building areas with intermittent occupancy.


• Designed to replace standard single mode 4 foot T8 or T12 fluorescent light tubes
• A handheld remote control unit is used to set and change ProxiLight eco-mode to 0, 3, 6 or 9 watts
• In eco-mode ProxiLights produce 330 lumens at 3 watts, 660 lumens at 6 watts and 990 lumens at 9 watts
• 0.5 seconds after motion is detected within 10 meters power increases to18 watt 1980 lumen standard mode
• One minute after area in the vicinity of light is vacated ProxiLights return to energy conserving eco-mode
• ProxiLights come with two controller options, either Radar or Infrared Sensors, mounted on each light tube
• Since ProxiLights are in eco-mode for most of the day, they consume little power compared to other lights
• Because ProxiLights have sensors on each tube, ProxiLights represent the ultimate in efficient local control
• ProxiLights use 24V2A 0.5Kg external drivers & operate on 90-370V 50-60Hz current with 0.98 power factor
• Unique modular and repairable design, together with 50,000 hour design life ensures low maintenance costs
• ProxiLights operate in a wide variety of environments including a temperature range of -30°C to +50°C
• CSA 2683773 registered for Canada and USA; DLC QPL listed
• 5 year projected product life and 5 year manufacturer’s warranty


• Reduces lighting power consumption by up to 90% and typically achieves full payback in 1.5 years
• High light producing efficiency due to superior LED chips which produce 110 lumens per watt
• Virtually maintenance free, but if repairs are required, they are easily done due to unique modular design
• If one sensor or light fails, the balance of lighting system continues to operate normally due to modularity
• Dual light level operating modes increase occupant perception of personal security
• Motion or occupancy triggered increased light level helps security staff focus attention to local activity
• Qualifies for IESO saveONenergy and other utility conservation incentive programs
• Designed and assembled in Canada


• Radar Sensors: For fixtures with cover lens
• Infrared Sensors: For fixtures without cover lens
• Eco mode for each tube can be set initially to 0, 3, 6 or 9 watts using the handheld remote control
• Eco mode setting can be changed at any time using the handheld remote control


T8 Tube, 4FT, 5000K, Radar Sensor, Remote Control, Dimmable, Repairable, Needs External Driver, Frosted, 3W-330L, 6W-660L, 9W-990L, 18W-1980L
CSA & DLC Approved

T8 Tube, 4FT, 5000K, Infrared Sensor, Remote Control, Dimmable, Repairable, Needs External Driver, Frosted, 3W-330L, 6W-660L, 9W-990L, 18W-1980L
CSA & DLC Approved

T8 Tube, 4FT, 18W, 1980L, 5000K, Repairable, Needs External Driver, Frosted
CSA & DLC Approved

External Driver, AC110-347V-DC24V
CSA & DLC Approved

Handheld Remote Controller for ProxiLights
CSA & DLC Approved


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