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HCI HybridCube Overview Whitepaper

Our innovative new HCI Energy Hybrid Cube, containerized hydrogen fuel based comprehensive  energy system is an ideal solution for remote off-grid operations including mines and Indigenous communities and it is a far better option than conventional diesel generations for many reasons including the following:
Water is the Only Fuel Needed: Advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology uses an electro-chemical process to converts fresh water from nearby streams, lakes or rivers to produce pure oxygen and hydrogen used to generate a large amount of energy. The challenge of winter diesel delivery is eliminated forever.
Integrates Water Filtration: The Hybrid Cube includes a sophisticated water filtration and reverse osmosis process to eliminate all types of contaminants to prepare water, if required.
Produces Clean Drinkable Water: In addition to producing power, the Hybrid Cube produces 3,780 to 11,360 liters of clean potable water per day – a welcome benefit in areas vulnerable to boil water advisories
The Hybrid Cube is  a Low Maintenance Energy System:  These energy systems are largely self sufficient and be outfitted for distant remote control.
The Hybrid Fuel is a Clean Energy Source: Unlike diesel generators our technology emits no GHG or other pollutants, and poses no toxic fuel leakage risk to water sources and the land.
Unique Containerized Construction: Virtually all the key elements of the Hybrid Cube are housed in low-cost standard sized  robust steel 10’x10′ or 10’x20′ shipping containers, which serve as the central utility plant for the energy system
Remote Pre-Assembly Ensures Rapid Plug and Play Deployment: The Hybrid Cube is delivered as a complete factory assembled system ready for almost immediate operation once delivered and place.
Incredibly Easy to Transport Anywhere:Hybrid Cubes can be transported by struck, rail, ship or even helicopter to where energy is needed.
Hybrid Cubes are Strong and Secure: Solid steel shipping containers are ideal secure facilities designed to withstand any weather condition or other natural or other hazard.
The Hybrid Cell is Powerful::The standard 10’x20′ Hybrid Cube stationary hydrogen fuel cell produces 1.5 MW of power.
The Hybrid Cube is Scalable: Shipping container housing serves as the ultimate in modular scalable operation. Units can be stacked or placed side by size, and then interconnect to create an even larger power plant.
The Hybrid Cube Produces Oxygen: The hydrogen fuel cell produces large volumes of pure medical grade oxygen for use in either mines or for northern community health facilities.
Hybrid Cube Incorporates Battery Storage: Advanced large scale lithium-ion battery storage is incorporated into each system to absorb excess power when not needed for use when it is wanted.
Hybrid Cube Delivers High Quality Power:Systems include power quality remediation technology to generate balanced pure sine waves, the ideal form of AC power needed for equipment, an increasingly important factor for protecting all electronically controlled  power equipment.
Hybrid Cubes Incorporate Large Scale Inverters: Each system incorporates AC/DC conversion to suit the needs of each client, and can be fully customized as required.
Hybrid Cubes are Designed to Interface Other Renewable Power Sources: The Hybrid Cube can interface with other external environmental renewable power sources including solar, wind and hydro generation, converting the Hybrid Cube into an even more powerful central energy hub.


Wasser Resources Inc. commercializes innovative energy conservation, renewable energy generation and green building technologies. Our clients include utilities, governments,  educational institutions, major office buildings, hospitals and large manufacturers from coast to coast across Canada. The HCI Energy is the latest addition to our broad selection of energy technologies which you can explore here on our website. 
Hybrid Cube Support: The Hybrid Cube was developed by Kanas City, Kansas, based HCI Energy where Hybrid Cubes are built and technical support is provided. Our partner for this technology, Winnipeg , Manitoba based EnShift Power supplies and integrates large scale energy systems across Canada and  internationall


Energy dependence on expensive diesel generators in remote locations is no longer a requirement.

Proven hydrogen hybrid technology that may include a combination of high efficient batteries, electrolyzers, batteries and vertical axis wind turbines which have been used internationally in difficult remote applications successfully.  The solution recommendations are site specific.  The options that will be recommended by our engineering team will be provided in detail upon proper analysis of the project opportunity.

Wasser Resources Inc. and EnShift Power, in conjunction with HCI Energy, are pleased to provide solutions to remove dependence on diesel 100%.  Eliminate high cost of handling of diesel, diesel fuel pricing that is constantly changing, environmental risk hazards from spilling, noisy generators, high ongoing maintenance etc.

Potable drinking water is the only bi-product, no dirty emissions from diesel exhaust.

Business Case:

When combining water savings and energy costs, system payback in as little as 2 to 3 years, depending on the final kWh costs for diesel fuel and bottled water flown to communities and facilities.

Minimal maintenance of system, requiring lower level technical training and support.

Only major overhaul is the generator.  Current systems have lasted up to 12 years without a major overhaul.


Each system comes with 2 generators per container.  The generators switch back and forth to extend life and lower all levels of maintenance.  Each generator is designed to meet and exceed load requirements.  The number of containers and generators is subject to final system design.

Existing Diesel Generators may be retained as a 3rd level of back up.  This is not a requirement, however, the extreme circumstances of Northern environments require absolute 100% energy guarantees.  HCI proven technology has lower breakdown or failures than traditional generators, however, we concur completely with having the highest possible level of redundancy available.

Project Finance Options:

Option 1: Direct Purchase and Ownership of System

Organization purchase technology and either acquires appropriate financing.  HCI may be able to assist on this, subject to the approval process.

 Option 2: PPA or Power Purchase Agreement

HCI and EnShift provide funders who will carry a PPA where there is a fixed rate applied to the energy sold.  In some cases the PPA rate is offset by the provincial utility provider, depending on the arrangements.

No cash outlay is required within the PPA program, outside of providing the land and assisting with the government approvals for PPA offsets and permitting.

Carbon Credit Offsets:

Where carbon credit offsets are available, EnShift will work with the organization/community to obtain these carbon credit offsets.

Thank you taking the time to consider our completely renewable solution to your energy and water issues.  We look forward to providing complete turnkey solutions.