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SmartPixel Interactive Video Virtual Presentation Centres: Project developers need effective tools to market and communicate major new buildings and infrastructure. A custom designed SmartPixel video enables developers to present projects in a powerful new way that fully engages prospects and other stakeholders. During the current COVID-19 Pandemic it has become even more essential to explain the benefits and features of new projects despit the constraints on accessibility and reality of an increasingly competative market….Read More

UET Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems: UET’s unique electro-chemical treatment process elimates the need for expensive and maintenance-intensive water treatment chemicals. UET stops and reverses cooling tower water system corrosion, scaling and sedimentation. UET systems effectivelty reduce operating costs and simplifies system maintenance – an especially valuable benefit in the COVID-19 era. UET also produces systems to reduce the risk of Legionella in building HVAC systems, a serious potential serious hazard for buildings where the HVAC systems have been idle for due to COVID-19 building shutdowns ….Read More

Sonovia SonoMasks – Face masks are the the new norm in the COVID-19 era, but not all masks are equal. Sonovia’s unique zinc-oxide impregnated masks use nanotechnolgy pathogen protection to dramatically improve thieir germ protection qualities, and reduce infection risk signicantly compared to convential cotton or disposable face masks….. Read More 

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Eagle Proteus Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS): During the COVID-19 Pandemic we all heard tragedies across Canada due to inadequate maintenance procedures in seniors residence, food processing facilities and other facilities. An online comprehensive maintenance management system enables management to plan appropriate maintenance planning procedures, helps staff to continuously report on the implementation of the plans, and empowers senior management and external regulators to supervise the effectivenesss of the process. An Eagle CMMS incorporates a sophisticated inventory monitoring system and can incorporate alerts to automatically call in pre-arrange contractors to perform needed work on essential systems including the HVAC, plumbing and ellectrical systems…..Read More

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