Building Modelling Tech

Wasser Resources offers the following powerful modelling software tools to support the design, marketing and management of buildings and facilities.


SmartPixel: Interactive Video Building Modelling

Architects, urban planners, engineers, infrastructure builders, developers and government leaders all need better tools to introduce and present their complex multi-dimensional development projects. SmartPixel virtual presentation centres are the ideal technology to fulfill this urgent need.

Static words and pictures, whether in brochures or on screen, are far are too limiting to explain and bring bold new communities or structures to life. Physical models, storyboards and PowerPoint presentations cannot adequately explain all the features and benefits of your development to all of your stakeholders.

Custom designed SmartPixel virtual presentation centres seamlessly blend computer assisted design (CAD) building modelling into online urban and regional mapping resources and then applies sophisticated video game animation to create a captivating dynamic film about the epic development you are creating.

Working with your design, communications and marketing teams, SmartPixel will help you to tell your story far more effectively to all your audiences.

Eagle Technology Proteus CMMS:

Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions

Eagle Technology Proteus CMMS

Eagle Technology’s Proteus MMX Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) is an easy to use, fully customizable and incredibly powerful cloud-based facility management software system. Eagle Proteus CMMS empowers facility managers to more effectively control all types of buildings and infrastructure assets and resources.

Eagle Proteus CMMS allows facility managers to compile accurate information on all facility assets and equipment in order to plan and schedule all preventive maintenance functions, and to address all unscheduled maintenance work. Eagle Proteus CMMS empowers management to analyze all aspects of facility management performance. Using Eagle Proteus enables management to reduce capital expenses while optimizing all assets.

Resilient World Institute School of Energy:

Energy Modelling Training


The Resilient World Institute (RWI) School of Energy delivers rigourous training programs for energy professionals. The School of Energy specializes in the interpretation and application of Canadian energy codes and standards for the building and development sector. These codes require the creation of energy models for new buildings.

Energy Standards

The Resilient World Institute curriculum focuses on the demanding energy standards requirements of the Ontario Building Code (OBC), the City of Toronto Green Standard, Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) MHC and National Resources Canada (NRCan) ENERGY STAR® for buildings.

Energy Modelling

The Resilient World Institute School of Energy offers rigorous applied energy modelling training for development sector energy professionals. offers training in eQuest 3.65 the modelling software for Ontario Building Code Part 3 and its SB10 Sustainable Building standards for new large Commercial Buildings including Toronto’s mushrooming condominium towers. RWI also offers training for HOT2000 energy modelling for the SB 12 requirements for OBC Part 9 New Houses .

Registered Energy Advisor Fondations Exam Preparation Training

RWI offers a training program to prepare students for the challenging qualifying Foundation Exam for the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) ENERGY STAR® Registered Energy Advisor for New Homes program.