Seniors Housing

A large and rapidly group number of Canadians live in long term seniors housing as our population continues to age. As baby boomers age and approach the age that they require additional care and support, the population of this housing form can be expected to grow. Wasser Resources offers a number of products of particular relevance to this sector

Wasser Resources offers a number of products of particular relevance to this sector:

Eagle Proteus Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS):

Given the vulnerable nature of the senior who live in retirement homes and long term care facilities, building maintenance is of particular important to this sector. A CMMS is the ideal too to ensure that necessary standards and procedures are planned, executed and monitored. Because seniors housing is of particular concern during the current CUTRIC-19 pandemic. In addition, a cloud-based CMMS can provide effect maintenance management oversight to management headquarters, regulatory agencies and even interested family members, as permitted. In addition to provide additional supervisory control, a CMMS can ensure that limited maintenance resources are deployed efficiently and effectively Finally, the use of a standardized CMMS system across a number of facilities enables effective comparison of performance between facilities or across an entire region.

Heat Saving Systems Entrance Air Curtains: Entrance doors to seniors housing facilities can perfmit the entry of dry cold winter air and snow, which can be quite detrimental to vulnerable seniors. In addition the entry of snow and rain can lead to dangerous slipping conditions in and around entrance. In addition carfully warmed and conditioned air can escape from seniors facilities through entry doors during Canada’s long winter season. Installing Heat Saving Systems AC300 heated pedestrian entrance door air curtains can help to preserve valuable building heat and increase occupant comfort.

UET Chemical-Free Water Water Treatmen for Legionella Protection

Like many buildings. seniors residences are at risk of Legionell from their building’s heating and cooling systems. UET has developed a chemical-free system that effectively eliminates the risk of Legionella. By investing in a UET system the management can effectively proactively address one address one unnecessary health risk for resident and staff at seniors housing facilities.

Solar Window Coatings and Films – eTime HeatShield

It is very important to provide comfortable room temperatures to vulnerable seniors living in care facilities. In some buildings, summer can can bring unwanted overheating conditions to some residents due to unexpected conditions. Often it is hard to adjust a building’s HVAC controls to provide each resident exactly the termperature they need. eTime HeatShield reduces the entry of unwanted and even dangerous ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the sun, while transmitting welcome sunshine. Inaddition to providing additional control, eTimes heatShield helps to reduce the need for air conditioning, lowering power consumption during the peak summer season.

Canada’s rapidly growing population of seniors have special needs and have uniqiue housing requirements.

It is clear that acoomodations for our aging population needs special focus since the residents of these facilities may be particularly care and require extra care and attention.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Canadians discovered that not all of our seniors care facilities were adequate to challenges of this epidemic.

Recommended Technologies for Seniors Housing:

Chemical-Free Cooling Water Treatment – UET Naturally Treating Water

  • A hazard free way to treat cooling water and protect against Legionella Disease

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems – Eagle Proteus CMMS

  • Compresensive online software to plan, schedule and audit maintenance work
  • This software may have made a huge difference to external monitoring of seniors residences

Entance Door Air Curtains – Heat Saving Systems

  • Air blades to protect senior from blown in cold dry winter air and snow

Indoor Living Walls – Genetron

  • Living walls generate oxigen and are highly therapeutic and beneficial in care facilities

Solar Hot Water – Chromagen

  • Seniors residences use large amounts of hot water, which can be produced by the sun

Solar Window Coating & Films – eTime Energy

  • Solar window film can protect seniors by protecting facilities from solar heat gain overheating

Vertical Indoor Aquaponic Systems – HiGarden

  • Self contained indoor micro-farms grow small plants and herbs using aquarium’s fish waste