Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities are unique because they demand large amounts of energy for the important functions that they fulfill. In addition, many of the energy intentive activities undertaken in these buildings. they are also often significant emitters of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Because of this fact, where energy conservation is a possible, it is particularly worthwhile to invest in energy conservation projects in Industrial Facilities.


For over a century Canada has been one of the largest producers of food on the planet, growing all types of crops, raising many varieties of meat and processing foods. We offer a range of products that help to may this sector event more productive.

Recommended Technology Solutions for Agricultural & Agri-Food Facilities

Representative Agricultural & Agri-Food Facility Projects

  • Heidelberg Foods, Elmira, ON – Power Quality Remediation
  • Issacs Family Farm, Fisherville, ON – Solar Photovoltaic Shingles
  • Spectrum Feed Services, Moorsefeld, ON – Power Quality Remediation


Recommended Manufacturing Technology Solutions

Representative Manufacturing Facility Projects

  • GMD Pharma Solutions, Oakville, ON – Freight Door Air Curtains
  • Magna International Dexterion, Aurora, ON – Power Quality Remediation
  • Renewable Energy Technologies Training, Markham, ON
  • Ventra Plastics Flex-N-Gate, Kitchener, ON – Power Quality Remediation

Published Articles

  • Ontario Industrial Magazine, “Greening Manufacturing”, Sept, 2012
  • Ontario Industrial Magazine, Energy Conservation at Ventra Plastics, Feb. 2008
  • Plastics in Canada Magazine, “Power Quality Solutions for Plastic Manufacturing”, Date Year
  • Plumbing and HVAC Magazine, “Air Curtain Solutions”, Date Year


Recommended Energy and Utility Technology Solutions

Representative Energy and Utility Facility Projects

  • Great Lakes Energy, Blue Water Hospital, Sarnia, ON – Rooftop Photovoltaic System , 250 kw
  • Great Lakes Energy, Lakeland, ON – Ground Mount Photovoltaic System, 500 kw
  • RePower Wind Farm, Gaspe, QC – Power Quality Remediation
  • Shell Oil, Toronto, ON – Renewable Energy Training

Energy and Utility Sector Professional Involvement

  • International Renewable Energy Academy, Fellow
  • Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, Research Study Contributor
  • Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, Member, Board of Directors
  • Resilient World Institute, Director of the School of Energy


Representative Mining and Northern Facility Projects

  • Gitga’at First Nation, Harley Bay, BC – Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions
  • Kasabonika Lake First Nation, Kasabonika Lake, ON – Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions
  • Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal, Article, “Hydrogen, The Ideal Energy Solution for Mines”


Distribution Facilities are characterized by large sizes, continuous 24/7 activity and large numbers of overhead freight doors that expel huge quantities of heat every time they open unless protected by protective air curtains.

Recommended Technology Solutions for Warehousing & Logistics Facilities:

Representative Warehousing & Logistics Facilities Projects

  • DHL Loomis Express, Brampton, ON – Power Quality Remediation
  • GMD Pharma Solutions, Oakville, ON – Freight Door Air Curtains
  • Pittsburgh Glass Works, Alliston, ON – Freight Door Air Curtains