Biomass Power

EverGreen provides proven and working Waste-to-Energy technologies that are specifically designed and engineered to best perform utilizing the available waste streams.

EverGreen’s projects are unique and confidential providing the following guides.

  • Our Waste-to-Energy power plants are scalable
  • Our Waste-to-Energy power plants are fueled from 50 kg to 1 MT per hour
  • Our Waste-to-Energy power plants produce from 50 kW to 5,000 kW of electricity per hour
  • Our Waste-to-Energy power plants are designed and engineered to best utilize the available biomass feedstock
  • Our Waste-to-Energy power plants are expandable to provide the combined heat and power needed for each unique and confidential project.

EverGreen’s CHP Biomass Power generators are carbon neutral and the electrical power units deliver the designed number of kWe of electricity and kWt of thermal energy for each unique project.  Our CHP units are fully automatic, revolutionary and cost effective.  It combines transportation industry components, thermodynamic engineering expertise and over 30 years of practical Biomass combustion experience in a robust cost effective energy system.  Our CHP units efficiently convert the calorific energy stored in biomass, into thermal and electrical power.

EverGreen’s CHP Biomass Power systems are environmentally conscious, easy to operate solution that fits the need for GHG neutral CHP systems.  Proven and in production our CHPs require minimal maintenance or operator involvement under normal working conditions.  They are designed to be used at maximum continuous power without manual intervention except for bunker refueling and ash removal.  Regular maintenance is performed on an annual basis.

EverGreen offers the opportunity for project investment and ownership in EverGreen’s growing global projects.