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A unique, cost-effective and affordable building integrated solar photovoltaic roofing system that transforms the complete roof of a house into an effective power generation system. A standard Solar Shingle Canada PV system provides sufficient power to supply all the needs of a typical Canadian home. A Solar Shingle Canada system can help any off-grid house or structure to become energy independent. In addition, Solar Shingle Canada systems qualify for participation in the generous Feed-In-Tariff system administered in Ontario by IESO.


• An attractive, cost-efficient, permanent alternative to traditional rack mounted solar panels.
• Effectively generates sufficient power for a typical Canadian home.
• Attractive design complements any house design or existing roofing finish.
• Solid steel construction of roof shingles ensures that roofing will last for many years.
• Does not require expensive and unsightly solar panel racking system.
• Produces power all year round even during Canada’s long cold snowy winters.
• Produces large volumes of power with no ongoing energy costs – sunshine is free!
• Reliable alternative to diesel power generation in off-grid locations.
• Environmentally friendly, operates without generating any Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.
• Designed in Canada for years of continuous uninterrupted use in cold Canadian weather.


Solar Shingle Canada integrated solar photovoltaic roofing systems are installed in many locations across Canada and internationally. The following are some of the applications for this technology:

• New and Existing Single Family Homes
• Farm Houses, Barns and Other Rural Structures
• Cottages and Other Off-Grid Houses
• Buildings in Areas with Unstable or Unreliable Power Supply
• Remote First Nation Homes, Facilities and Communities
• Mines, Forestry Plants and Other Resource Processing Facilities
• National, Provincial and Municipal Parks
• Fishing and Hunting Lodges
• Remote Scientific Stations, Coast Guard Stations and Defence Facilities
• Apartments, Student Residences, Co-ops and Public Housing Buildings
• Hospitals, Assisted Living and Long Term Care Facilities
• Hotels, Restaurants and Other Commercial Facilities


• Transforms entire roof, or any desired section, into a power generator.
• Can be installed on any pitched angle roof, which includes most houses, cottages and rural structures.
• Unique modular design – can be shipped easily, and assembled wherever required.
• Photovoltaic power is the ultimate in Green Energy – producing power directly from the energy of the sun.
• High photoelectric conversion efficiency.
• With the exception of final power connection, can be installed by any qualified roofing contractor.
• Does not require any roof penetrations, minimizing the likelihood of roof leakage.
• Smart ventilation system beneath tiles reduces summer heat build up.

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• Qualifies for Ontario government IESO Feed-In-Tariff 25 year financial program.
• Trouble free supply of power for 25 year design life aligns perfectly with Ontario IESO Feed-In-Tariff.
• By creating a Feed-In-Tariff government guaranteed house revenue stream, property value increases.
• Bank financing available through financial institutions.


• Warranty supplied by LDK Solar Canada Inc., fabricator of Solar Shingles Canada products
• 30 Year Warranty on Metal Parts
• 25 Year Power Guarantee – Power Class 65 Wp
• Year 1: Power Output will not drop below 97% of Nominal Output
• Years 2-25: Power Output decrease will not exceed 0.7% per year
• Year 25: Power Output will not be below 80.2% of Nominal Output
• 12 Year 90% Power Guarantee
• +5 Watts Positive Tolerance


• Maximum Power Rating: 65 Pmp Watts
• Pmp Tolerance: -0/+5 Watts
• Pmp Maximum Power Voltage: 7.79 Volts
• Pmp Maximum Current: 8.37 Amps
• Open Circuit Voltage: 10.25 Amps
• Short Circuit Current: 8.96 Amps
• Maximum System Voltage: 600 Volts
• Maximum Series Fuse: 15 Amps


• Cell Matrix 8×2=16 Multicrystalline Solar Cells
• Solar Cell Size: 156×156 mm / 6”x6”
• Module Size: 1386.1×136.8×50.8 mm / 4.3”x15.62”x2”
• Module Weight: 9 kg/ 19.8 lbs
• Connector: MC4 or Equivalent


• Temperature Coefficients: NOCT +45 +/- 3° C; Isc 0.09 %/°C; Voc -0.34%/°C; Pmp -0.37 %/°C


• UL 1703 2002/03/15 Ed: Rev: 2008/04/08
• ULC/ORD-C1703-01 Second Edition 2001/01/01
• UL and Canadian Standard for Safety Flat-Plate
• ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System