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SmartPixel’s customized interactive video presentations help visionary developers tell the story of their projects in ways that were never possible before. These virtual presentation centres are infinitely more effective in communicating a project’s story than static words, pictures, brochures or storyboards.

SmartPixel is the ideal tool to bring the dreams and plans of architects, urban planners, engineers, infrastructure builders, developers and government leaders to life. It enables users to engage immersively with every element, feature and nuance of a project to fully understand all the complexities and benefits.

SmartPixel allows you to zoom in to explore any project feature, then zoom out to view the overall project from above or from any exterior angle. The user can virtually enter the new facility and view the exterior vistas from any angle or orientation, and view popups with additional details and descriptions of features.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, SmartPixel is even more relevant and useful as it facilitates project communication with stakeholders and partners virtually – enabling projects to proceed at a rapid pace even as we are all contrained in our physical movement.

SmartPixel leverages the expertise and experience of Montreal’s dynamic video game design community to bring real projects to life in ways only dreamed of before.

SmartPixel can be used to showcase new urban developments, transit and transportation projects, complex infrastructure initiatives and any major capital development project. Projects completed to date include:

Large urban development
High rise condominiums
Housing subdivisions
Institutional buildings
Resort complexes
Transit developments
Railway systems
Complex utility systems

The following non-interactive SmartPixel videos are an introduction to the range and capabilities of the technology (please note that these videos do not illustrate the key interactive features that will make your customized interactive video dynamic and powerful):

SmartPixel Introduction
Toronto Interactive Cityscape
Maestra Condominium, Montreal
Humaniti Condominium Development, Montreal
Pinacle Mont Tremblant Resort, Quebec
ABB Power Grids Testimonial
Al Marjan Island, UAE

We welcome the opportunity to explore how your project can be animated on screen – in anticipation of when your bricks and mortar project is built and brought to life in reality.

Please contact me to discuss the process of creating a SmartPixel interactive video for your project.

Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng.,
SmartPixel Sales & Marketing
(416) 473-4614