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Wasser Resources Inc. commercializes and distributes a growing portfolio of advanced renewable power technologies which generate clean renewable power and no greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In many case these technologies can be used to displace high GHG emitting diesel, gasoline, propane and other carbon fuels.  Some of these technologies are best suited to remote off-grid locations, others can be easily adopted into grid connected communities, and others can be used for either application, subject to local needs and operations.


Biomass waste materials including wood chips and sawdust, farm waste and other energy rich biomass materials can be used our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generators to produce both electric power and heat for both domestic hot water and space heating. Click here to learn more about our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generators. More


Hydrogen is the energy of the future. I can be most sustainably produced by through advanced forms of electrolysis, a process which involves injecting an electrical charge into fresh water to split the water molecule into its two usable element components, pure hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is then stored in liquid or gaseous form in tanks which can be easily transported and stored for an indefinite amount of time. the hydrogen is then processed through a hydrogen fuel cell to generate power. In many cases, hydrogen is used to displace highly polluting and GHG emitting diesel fuel including in distribution centre, remote indigenous communities and at mines. Both the production and the utilization of hydrogen are clean processes producing no greenhouse gases or other toxic emissions. Wasser Resources works with several hydrogen technology companies, research institutions and the Hydrogen Business Council of Canada to advance this technology. More information…..


Oryron Run-Of-River hydroelectric turbines are designed to sit on river bottom where they harvest the energy from the river’s water flow. The unique scoop attached to the Oryon turbines accelerates the water velocity so that even very slow river flows can produce significant amounts of power. Unlike conventional hydroelectric project, the Oryon avoids the use of shore spanning, and costly dam structures which interfere with the environment especially with local fish. Click here to learn more about the Oryon Run-of-the-River hydroelectric turbines.


Canada Solar Shingle has developed a unique solar photovoltaic system which uses durable interlocking solid steel shingles which assemble into an attractive jet black permanent power generating roofing system. This technology is ideal for pitched roofs common in homes and barns. Click here for more information about Canada Solar Shingles.



EcoWave Energy has invented a unique renewable power source designed to harvest the latent energy of ocean waves. Designed to be mounted on wharfs and other maritime structures EcoWave Energy micro-turbines are ideal for remote outposts including fishing communities, remote lighthouses, research stations and coast guard facilities.

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Many jurisdiction offer generous incentives for the generation of clean renewable power.

Learn about Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) Feed-In-Tariff program, which are delivered through the province’s Local Distributor Companies (LDC), Ontario’s regional utilities here.