Canada Greener Homes Grant




The new federal government Canada Greener Homes Grant is a $2.4 billion investment in helping Canada to significantly reduce its GHG emissions in order to Canada to achieve our 2030 Paris Accord goals. The core of the plan to to offers homeowners across Canada grants of up to $5,000 towards energy retrofit projects which help to save energy and reduce their carbon emissions.

Homeowners need to register for the program through the new Canada Greener Homes Grant portal. Next they need to engage a specially trained and registered EnerGuide Energy Advisor who will conduct an home energy audit for the home owner. The Canada Greener Homes Grant offers up to $600 to cover the cost of this service. The advisor will recommend projects that make sense for that house and that qualify for the grant.

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The Resilient World Institute offers two successive training programs for aspiring EnerGuide Energy Advisors. The federal government is hoping that up to 2,000 individuals will train to become Energy Advisors to help implement the mandatory home inspections required under the Canada Greener Home Grant Program.