Data Centres


Wasser Resources understand that Data Centres, some of the most important elements of contemporary infrastructure that almost all aspects of society depend on are both very challenging facilities, but one that has attracted much attention. We know that Data centres are unique facilities with highly exacting operational requirements, including the following.

  • Data Centres are power-hungry, the most energy intensive class of commercial buildings
  • Data Centres must be highly reliable, with extremely low tolerance for service and repair downtime
  • Data Centres are designed to operate as clean facilities with negligible dust, insect and pollutants
  • The data processing equipment in Data Centres generate vast amounts of heat which must be exhausted
  • Data Centre servers generate large quantities of broad band harmonics, power outside of the usable 60 Hz frequancy
  • Data Centres have narrow tolerance for operating temperature variations
  • Data Centres need the highest quality of power possible, devoid of harmonics, sag, surge and spikes

We have extensive experience with Data Centres  as well as related advanced and high demand facilities including hospitals, universities, commercial high-rise towers and major public institutions.

Representative Data Facility Technology Solutions


Recommended Technology Solutions for Data Centres

Representative Data Centre Projects

  • MTS Allstream, Markham, ON – Power Quality Remediation
  • MTS Allstream, Calgary, AB – Power Quality Remediation
  • MTS Allstream, Vancouver, BC – Power Quality Remediation
  • QuadReal Property Group, Commerce Court, Toronto, ON – Power Quality Remediation


  • Many years experience in the design, construction and operation of data related facilities
  • Experience in academic, military and power generation and related facilities
  • Successful completion of a national deployment of Data Centre power quality projects across Canada for major Canadian Telecom Operator