Office Facilities


Modern office buildings face unique challenges because of the high demands from their occupants, their energy intensiveness, and their use of a multitude of complex and sensitive specialized devices. In addition, conserving energy and operating costs are high priorities for commercial facilities which need to demonstrate to their numerous constituencies, owners, operators, tenants and visitors, their competitive advantages, cost effectiveness, as well as their safety and security. The following are a selection of technologies that we distribute that are of specific relevance to many types of commercial and retail facilities.

Our technological solutions are diverse, but the unifying theme in everything we offer to our roster of sophisticated clients is that they help facility managers and owners to improve the intelligence, efficiency and reliability of every aspect of their building’s performance.


Recommended Technology Solutions for Office Facilities

Representative Office Facility Projects

  • CSA Group Headquarters, Rexdale, ON – Computerized Maintenance Management Solution
  • Noor Centre, Toronto, ON – Solar Window Coating
  • Northwest Health, Davisville Medical Centre, Toronto, ON – Entrance Door Air Curtains
  • Parker Pad and Printing, Markham, ON – Solar Window Coating
  • Redpath Properties, Toronto, ON – Entrance Door Air Curtains


We are involved with many relevant professional and industry associations including the following:


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