Power Technologies

Canada has long been a leader in power technology. The Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Station in Niagara Falls was the second in the world designed to generate Nicola Tesla’s innovative Alternating Current (AC) instead of Thomas Edison’s Direct Current (DC). As a consequence of this innovation, a huge amount of high voltage current was able to be transmitted to the City of Hamilton, Ontario’s industrial powerhouse, which adopted the name Power City. The history was recently commemorated by the renaming of Hamilton’s main thouroughfare Burlington Boulevard to Nicola Tesla Boulevard.

Canada’s massive investment in innovative power technology continued with Quebec’s massive investment in hydroelectric developments including Beauharnois, the James Bay La Grande projects. Simultaneously, Labrador developed Churchill Falls while Manitoba developed its Thompson River hydroelectric projects.. Ontario followed a different course and invested in developping, building and exporting its uniquely safey CANDIU nuclear generating technology. Further west, Saskatchewan developed uranium mines to supply to Ontario and natural gas fields. Alberta developed the technology to harvest its vast oil sands researves. Finally on the west coast, British Columbia developed its vast mounain fed hydroelectric resources.

To say thay Canada is an electric powerhouse is an understatement. Canadian companies including Power Corporation, SNC Lavalin, Atomic Energy of Canada opened new markets for Canadian technology, consulting engineers and constructuion companies.

Ontario’s innovative 2009 Green Energy and Economy Act opened numerous new opportunities to Canada’s cleantech, renewable energy and conservation companies. Ontario create the position of a Environmental Commissioner, a system for carbon tax accounting and trading, new cenergy onservation incentives and a feed-in-tarrif to provide incentives for new renewable energy generation projects.

Wasser Resources Inc. serves Canada’s diverse power using sector in a number of ways. We distribute a number of innovative power generating technologies as well as a portfolio of power conserving technologies. We offer our clients insights into thier current power consumption and measures to reduce consumption and save money.

Solar Heat Gain Coating & Films

Years ago, in most parts of Canada the peak for power demand and consumption was during the long winter months. More recently, power for summer air conditioning has escalated exponentially due to increased urbanization and global climate changes leading to hotter summers. We offer a portfolio of coatings and films that can be applied to the interior face of windows to block the invisible but heat producing ultraviolet and infrared portions of the lighting spectrum which allowing welcome summer sunlight to stream in.

Power Quality Remediation

Most people assume that all power is the same, of uniform quality. The reality is that in alternating current systems electricity can be corrupted reducing the available power can be significantly less than the kilowatt hours consumed or kilowatts of demand. The way this happends in that most equipment we use uses what is called induced power. These devices need the power to be delivered delivered at 60 hertz, the standard frequency in North America (vs. 50 hertz in Europe and other jusisdictions).

Ecowave Power

Oryon Runn-of-River Hydroelectric