Chemical-Free Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

The Challenge for Cooling Towers

Cooling towers consume both large quantities of potable water and very agressive treatment chemicals. These essential facilities also require considerable amounts of power as they work to lower cooling water temperature, thier primary function. Cooling tower treatment chemicals are used to reduce the constant risk of scaling, corrosion and bio-fouling off all the vital componants of cooling towers. Historically, without an adequate application of treatment chemicals, cooling towers are highly vulnerable to reduced efficiency and an increased high cost maintenance and repairs.

Facilities Incorporating Cooling Towers

In Canada, the challenge of cooling tower maintenance chemical use is most pronounced where cooling water is used most intensively. These sectors include power plants, petrochemical processing. metal smelting and refining, cement plants, heavy manufacturing, food processing and major institutions, especially hospitals. All of these facilities need to cool thier heat generating operations – and consequently thier cooling towers are very important for thier operations.

The Innovative Solution for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

New technologies have been developed to reduce or even eliminate these agressive chemicals required for cooling towers. volume of water required for these vital cooling facilities. One of the most innovative developments in this technological area is the use of electro-chemical treatment of cooling water as an alternative to chemical treatment to reduce scaling, corrosion and bio-fouling. Israel has become a leader in cooling water treatment technologies as well as other water technologies.

Cooling Towers as an Essntial Function

Cooling towers need systems need to be durable, reliable and cost efficiency, and cost effective – so any modeification has to improve these vital systems and not lead to any downtown or further problesm from operators. Some of the key application of this technology are for industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, all functions that need to be absolutely reliable.

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