Hotels & Conference Centres

Wasser Resources offers an extensive portfolio of sophisticated technology solutions designed to help hotels to meet and exceed their performance expectations by:

  • Supporting hotel reliance on 24/7/365 trouble free maintenance and operations
  • Helping energy intensive hotels to significantly reduce their power consumption
  • Cutting hotel air conditioning power load during expensive peak summer period
  • Reducing hotel winter season natural gas consumption for heating
  • Helping hotels to maintain exceptional customer service and satisfaction levels
  • Helping hotels to maintain high level of entrance and lobby floor cleanliness
  • Mitigating risk of elevator and equipment breakdown and slip and falls accidents


eTime Energy

• Blocks UV & IR while transmitting visible light, almost invisible
• Reduces solar heat gain & cooling cost while increasing occupant comfort
• Professionally installed & long lasting and 15 year manufacturer guarantee
• Qualifies for IESO saveONenergy Conservation Incentive

Heat Saving System Air Curtain Logo

• Electrical and hot water heated models
• Numerous design options for above, beside and in front of doors
• Reduces winter heat loss and summer air conditioning loss

• Ambient and heated models
• Reduces loss of winter building heat
• Qualifies for Enbridge & Union Gas Incentives


Autani Corporation

Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Automation and Control Systems

  • Reduce power consumption for lighting, HVAC & plug loads and major equipment
  • Monitor and automatically turn off and on electrical devices including lights, electrical
  • Managers can easily create and modify on/off schedules for numerous devices
  • Monitor and control all electrical devices from your own local Autani Control Centre
  • Can incorporate thermostats, light meters, humidity meters to help monitor operations
  • Provides you with round-the clock 365 year per year monitoring, control and security
  • Each individual device monitor and controller is inexpensive and easy to install
  • System is fully modular to enable you to gradually build your system
  • Once installed Autani devices and system need almost no maintenance.
  • You maintain control over your system, but Autani is available to help with a 24 support lin

Eagle Technology

Eagle Technology Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

  • PC and cloud based software program to help  manage all assets
  • Systems used globally to manage buildings, vehicles, equipment and infrastructure
  • Proteus help you to manage your assets all through their product life cycle
  • Proteus records the purchase of equipment, supplies and the contact services.
  • Proteus is used to plan, schedule, undertake and record all anticipates maintenance work
  • Proteus is also used to manage, respond to and document unplanned emergency repairs
  • Use Proteus to manage part supplies to ensure you have inventory when and where needed
  • Use Proteus to schedule contractor and maintenance staff work and travel including costs
  • Proteus generates a wide range of reports based on any criteria or time period you need
  • Proteus is used by Kasabonika Lake First Nation (ON) nd Hartley Bay First Nation (BC)
  • Proteus is used by Agriculture & AgriFoods Canada, CSA and Woodbine Casino & Race Track


Elspec Power Quality Meters and Customized Power Quality Remediation Systems

  • Elspec power quality systems identify and fix many types of power quality problems
  • Elspec systems resolve phase imbalances, broadband harmonics, surge, sag and spikes
  • Elspec systems are used in wind turbines and diesel generators to clean power produced
  • Elspec cleans power corrupted by heavy equipment used in drilling, mining and forestry
  • Elspec protects vulnerable controls, computers and telecommunication equipment
  • Elspec conserves valuable power by converting dirty power” into usable clean power

HanitaTek Window Films - Red - CroppedHanitaTek SafetyZone Security and Privacy Window Films

  • Protect windows against damage from hail and wind storms and other environmental risks
  • Protect windows against vandalism, accidental explosion and break and entry.
  • Reduce risk of window breakage which can result in rapid loss of building heat
  • Addresses challenge of window repair and replacement in remote north especially in winter


  • Courtyard by Marriott Toronto Downtown, Toronto, ON: Consulting
  • Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel, Mississauga, ON: Globe LED Lighting ProxiLights
  • International Centre, Mississauga, ON: Heat Saving Systems Air Curtains
  • Woodbine Entertainment, Etobicoke, ON: Eagle Computerized Maintenance Management
  • York University, Hospitality Glendon, Toronto, ON: Consulting


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