Agriculture & Food Production Facilities


For over a century Canada has been one of the largest producers of food on the planet, growing all types of crops, raising many varieties of meat and processing foods. We offer a range of products that help to may this sector event more productive.

Recommended Technology Solutions for Agricultural & Agri-Food Facilities

Representative Agricultural & Agri-Food Facility Projects

  • Heidelberg Foods, Elmira, ON – Power Quality Remediation
  • Issacs Family Farm, Fisherville, ON – Solar Photovoltaic Shingles
  • Spectrum Feed Services, Moorsefeld, ON – Power Quality Remediation

Wasser Resources serves Canada’s agricultural sector with a broad array of reliable and sophisticated technologies.


eTime Energy ETime – Nanotechnology Insulating Window Coating
  • Reduce heat loss from windows – especially suited to greenhouses
  • Block damaging UV radiation in greenhouses and other windows all year long
  • New Ontario Ministry of Energy Green House Conservation Initiative announced Dec 2013
  • Apply for gas conservation grants from either Union Gas and Enbridge Gas


autani_rgb_web_2 Autani – Controls – Wireless Retrofit Controls
  • Economical retrofit gauges and controls for all types of electrically operated devices
  • Wireless design operates across large farm and processing including multiple buildings
  • Centrally monitor and control all operations from one central computer in your office
  • Ensure early detection of electrical and other problems before they escalate
  • Scheduling turning on and off of devices from the comfort of your office
  • Generate management reports to help you manage and plan more effectively
  • Several installations in Guelph and Burlington area
Eagle Technology Eagle Technology – Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Easy to learn and use software to help you to manage all your facilities more effectively
  • Schedule and plan all maintenance activities, and maintain effective historical records
  • Easy to adapt to whatever your specific planning and reporting needs
  • Maintains detailed inventory of all maintenance supplies to ensure you are fully stocked
  • Can automatically issue service requests to your service contractors and suppliers
  • Used to manage Agriculture & AgriFoods Canada research facilities in Kempville, NS and across Canada
elspec-logo Elspec – Power Quality Remediation
  • Power used by inductive motor is corrupted reducing it’s effective energy
  • Farms are typically and end of power distributor networks and have lower quality
  • Milling and food processing are energy intensive operations which need power conditioning
  • Many farms have installed wind turbines on their properties
  • Agriculture sector clients: Heidelberg Meats (St. Jacobs, ON), Spectrum Feedstock
HanitaTek Window Films - Red HanitaTek – SafetyZone Security Window Film
  • Industry leading security window films provide protection and ease of mind
  • Windows on farms are vulnerable to weather related and other damage
  • Once damaged Canada’s farms are particularly vulnerable
RESOURCES FOR THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Agriculture Management Institute, University of Guelph