Manufacturing Facilities


Manufacturing operations face unique challenges because of their energy intensiveness, their use of a multitude of complex and sensitive specialized devices and the highly competitive and rapidly evolving nature of the manufacturing sector. Providing and conserving energy and operating costs are very high priorities for the manufacturing sector. The following are a selection of technologies that we distribute that are of specific relevance to many types of manufacturing operations:

Our technological solutions are diverse, but the unifying theme in everything we offer to our roster of sophisticated clients is that they help facility managers and owners to improve the intelligence, efficiency and reliability of every aspect of their building’s performance. Recommended Technology Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities Representative Manufacturing Facility Projects


HEAT SAVING SYSTEMS ENTRANCE PEDESTRIAN AIR CURTAINS • Electrical and hot water heated models • Numerous design options for above, beside and in front of doors • Reduces winter heat loss and summer air conditioning loss HEAT SAVING SYSTEMS ENTRANCE FREIGHT AND GARAGE DOOR AIR CURTAINS • Ambient and heated models • Reduces loss of winter building heat • Qualifies for Enbridge & Union Gas Incentives Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Automation and Control Systems
  • Reduce power consumption for lighting, HVAC & plug loads and major equipment
  • Monitor and automatically turn off and on electrical devices including lights, electrical
  • Managers can easily create and modify on/off schedules for numerous devices
  • Monitor and control all electrical devices from your own local Autani Control Centre
  • Can incorporate thermostats, light meters, humidity meters to help monitor operations
  • Provides you with round-the clock 365 year per year monitoring, control and security
  • Each individual device monitor and controller is inexpensive and easy to install
  • System is fully modular to enable you to gradually build your system
  • Once installed Autani devices and system need almost no maintenance.
  • You maintain control over your system, but Autani is available to help with a 24 support lin
Eagle Technology Proteus Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • PC and cloud based software program to help  manage all assets
  • Systems used globally to manage buildings, vehicles, equipment and infrastructure
  • Proteus help you to manage your assets all through their product life cycle
  • Proteus records the purchase of equipment, supplies and the contact services.
  • Proteus is used to plan, schedule, undertake and record all anticipates maintenance work
  • Proteus is also used to manage, respond to and document unplanned emergency repairs
  • Use Proteus to manage part supplies to ensure you have inventory when and where needed
  • Use Proteus to schedule contractor and maintenance staff work and travel including costs
  • Proteus generates a wide range of reports based on any criteria or time period you need
  • Proteus is used by Kasabonika Lake First Nation (ON) nd Hartley Bay First Nation (BC)
  • Proteus is used by Agriculture & AgriFoods Canada, CSA and Woodbine Casino & Race Track
Elspec Power Quality Meters and Customized Power Quality Remediation Systems
  • Elspec power quality systems identify and fix many types of power quality problems
  • Elspec systems resolve phase imbalances, broadband harmonics, surge, sag and spikes
  • Elspec systems are used in wind turbines and diesel generators to clean power produced
  • Elspec cleans power corrupted by heavy equipment used in drilling, mining and forestry
  • Elspec protects vulnerable controls, computers and telecommunication equipment
  • Elspec conserves valuable power by converting dirty power” into usable clean power
HanitaTek SafetyZone Security and Privacy Window Films
  • Protect windows against damage from hail and wind storms and other environmental risks
  • Protect windows against vandalism, accidental explosion and break and entry.
  • Reduce risk of window breakage which can result in rapid loss of building heat
  • Addresses challenge of window repair and replacement in remote north especially in winter


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