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Bring the solution to the problem.

The improper disposal of waste oil has a devastating impact on human health and the environment. Traditional used oil re-refineries are scarce in many regions, leading to environmentally-hazardous waste oil management practices.

The Waste Oil Problem

  • One million litres of water can be contaminated by a single litre of waste oil.
  • Few regions worldwide are viable for operating traditional used oil re-refineries—even in developed countries—due to operational size and capital cost.
  • Burying, dumping and burning are, unfortunately, common methods of disposal; contaminating soil, water and air.
HD-Petroleum - Small-Scale Waste Oil Micro-Refinery - Winnipeg Manitoba

The HD-Petroleum™ Solution

  • Minimal capital cost and a small geographic operating region maximizes profitability at a fraction of the cost of traditional used oil re-refineries.
  • Regions with a population as small as 400,000 or heavy-equipment industries can support the micro-refinery, creating full-time and spin-off jobs for the local economy.
  • Waste oil is recycled into diesel, extending the life and value of the previously harmful product.