Off Grid Energy


Much of Canada’s vast north, including numerous remote First Nations and mine operations, rely on expensive diesel fuel, as a primary energy sources. Wasser Resources Inc. offers a number of grid independent energy solutions that can help remote communities to achieve energy self sufficiency and greater resilence all year long. The following can benefit from off-grid energy solutions:

  • Cottages Camp Grounds
  • Coast Guard Stations
  • First Nation Communities
  • Island Communities & Homes
  • Isolated Communities
  • Mines & Natural Resource Sites
  • Northern Roads, Rail Lines & Air Strips
  • National Defence Facilities
  • Research & Scientific Outposts

Solar Photovoltaic Shingle Roofing – Solar Shingles Canada 

  • Transforms any portion of a roof or the entire roof into a PV generator
  • Solid steel solar roofing replaces perishable asphalt roof shingles
  • Permanently supplies power to building or facility
  • Modular units easily snap together to create complete PV assembly
  • Easily shipped even to remote locations in conveniently size packaging
  • Designed to be mounted directly onto any pitched or sloped roof
  • Attractive finish complements any architectural styling
  • Can be installed on new buildings or retrofitted onto existing roofs
  • Qualifies for Ontario IESO Feed In Tariff Incentive
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Solar Hot Water Systems – Chromagen

  • Generates plentiful hot water even on -40 degree C temperature days
  • Each module is designed to provide domestic hot water for 4 people
  • Reduces reliance on diesel generated hot domestic water
  • Large assemblies produce institutional commercial process hot water
  • Robust design for remote installations
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  • Efficiently harvests the latent power contained in ocean waves
  • Designed to be mounted on wharves, docks any shoreline structures
  • Modular design allows assembly of units into large generating facilities
  • Ideal for coast guard, port, fishing, naval and research facilities
  • Designed for a long operational life in locations subject to wave action
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