EcoSystem Informatics

ESI is an innovation-driven organization focused on research based technology to facilitate monitoring and data analytics of the environment. ESI is working towards the goal of enabling ways to safeguarding healthy and smart ecosystem management

The company relies on a portfolio of award winning research, patent pending technology and diverse skills that enable complete air quality solutions (hardware, software and services) and address both industrial and consumer markets. ESI is based out of Toronto, Canada.

ESI has developed a platform that facilitates measurement and prediction of air quality at high accuracy. We also have developed the expertise to analyze the data we record and present it in an actionable way.

ESI’s current product portfolio consists of 2 products:

  1. ESI Canary – pre-configured hardware with integrated software and ready-to-deploy solution. It includes a desktop application and mobile app to view and monitor several air quality monitoring metrics.

Major Highlights:

  • Operational temperatures to fit extreme environments
  • Optimized architecture to prevent data loss/corruption
  • Small size and highly efficient power use
  • Best in class sensor technology
  • Wide selection of mountable sensors, including up to 5 air quality and greenhouse gas sensors in addition to weather data
  • Communication over LoRA network with no internet or mobile network connection needed
  • Heavy-duty enclosure
  • Long range cluster of highly integrated and networked sensors for wider area monitoring
  • Factory programmed and configured
  1. ESI Vision – Although ESI has a highly modular solution in the ESI Canary, often times the basic solution is not enough and a customized solution tailored to customer needs is required. The customizations include and are not limited to integrating new sensors, connecting with a myriad of cloud platforms, adapting the motherboard for vertical applications etc.

ESI’s R&D team is equipped to discuss and finalize the viability of the solution and implementation proposal blueprints

Major Highlights:

  • Technical and specialized consulting – If you are developing an IoT project and you need advice on the devices that best fit your objectives, on the most appropriate connectivity systems for your project or the cloud platforms for data analysis
  • Sensor integration – Integrate new sensors to cover specific applications
  • Custom firmware design – Request a complete custom base, a final program for a first demo or the design of specific source code for the sensor nodes
  • Custom data visualization – Request a custom built dashboard to suit your business and environment needs

Data Dispersion Simulator

The proprietary in-house built simulator is an air dispersion modeling package for predicting air quality impacts of pollutants near roadways and other major sources of pollution.

It is mainly used for predicting air pollution concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM), and other inert gases from idle or moving motor vehicles. It is an adaptation of the CAL3QHC program with fully integrated graphical interface combining easy to use graphical tools (e.g., roadway links, and receptors), model run, and posting of results.

The simulator currently offers the ability to model free-flow traffic and signalized intersections. ESI is conducting further R&D to widen the scope of usage of this model to accurately predict future air pollution levels and their impact based on current state and a combination of variable factors.

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