Hybridge Fuel Cells presented at Green Fleet Expo, Welland, ON

June 24-27 Green Fleet Expo, Welland, ON – Wasser Resources Presents Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Wasser Resources Inc. will present the Hybridge On-Board Hydrogen Fuel Cell developed by Hydrogen Concepts International at the 2013 Green Fleet Expo. This conference hosted by the City of Welland Campus of Niagara College, is designed for the operators of large fleets of vehicles. Participants include municipalities and other levels of government, long-haul trucking operators, construction companies, taxis and courier services.

Click here for more information about Hydrogen Concepts International.

For more information about HPCII Hydrogen Fuel Cells, please contact Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng. @ (416) 473-4614 or leon@wasserresources.com

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