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A unique cost-effective and affordable solar hot water heating system specifically designed for optimal all-season performance in Canada’s cold climate. Heating domestic water using solar heating systems is the most efficient use of solar energy, and Toronto-based Globe Solar Energy’s systems are ideal for heating domestic hot water for both residential and commercial use, any place that uses large amounts of hot water on a regular continuous basis.

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• Effectively produces high temperature hot water all year round even during Canada’s long cold winters
• Produces large volumes of domestic hot water with no ongoing energy costs – sunshine is free!
• Can produce hot water at up to +40°C on days as cold as -30°C
• Continues to produce hot water as long as there is sunshine outside
• Ideal for off-grid locations where hot water is produced by combusting expensive diesel in generators
• A key element in allowing off-grid communities, houses and facilities to achieve energy independence
• Environmentally friendly – does not use glycol or any chemicals
• No ongoing maintenance costs – systems normally operate problem free for years
• Renewable energy and energy conservation incentives available in some jurisdictions for some applications
• Designed in Canada for Canadian use
• Designed for 25 years of problem free continuous operation
• Modular design facilitates repairs to damage caused by vandalism or accidents
• Even if one solar heating tube is damaged, the balance of the system will continue to operate problem-free
• Comes with a limited year manufacturer’ warranty from Globe Solar Energy Inc.


Globe Solar Hot Water Systems are installed in many locations across Canada and internationally. The following are some of the applications for this technology:

• Off-Grid Houses and Communities
• National, Provincial and Municipal Parks
• Hunting and Fishing Lodges
• Farms, Fisheries and Food Processing Plants
• New and Existing Single Family Homes
• Apartments, Student Residences, Co-ops and Public Housing Buildings
• Hospitals, Assisted Living and Long Term Care Facilities
• Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Facilities
• Laundry Facilities and Car Washes
• Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools, Athletic Centre Shower Facilities
• Mine, Forestry and Other Resource Processing Facilities


• Achieves 92% thermal transfer energy efficiently – the most effective use of the sun’s energy
• System package includes all components including heating tubes, racking, storage tank and piping
• System uses water pressure from the municipal water system, avoiding the need for separate pump
• Supplied thermostat-controlled heat tracer cable ensures that domestic water never freezes in supply pipe
• Unique design uses distilled water in a partially evacuated copper pipe as the heat transfer medium
• Low pressure distilled water will not freeze even when outside temperatures are very low
• Heat is transferred from the distilled water tube to domestic water in a specially insulated header tank
• Header panel incorporates a 40 gallon storage tank designed for a standard four-person Canadian household
• Systems can be assembled into large arrays for larger hospital, residential, commercial or industrial projects
• Can be supplied as a kit for contractor installation, or can be supplied and installed by Globe Solar Energy
• Heats water to the 40°C temperature required by some municipal codes and public health standards
• CSA certificate #232467 – The first CSA certified Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water system in Canada


GSE IP-195B Integrated Solar Water Heating System
GSE IP-195c Integrated Solar Water Heating System with Heating Cable
GSE IP-25D Split Solar Water Heating System with Drain Back Installed
GSE IP-25G Split Solar Water Heating System with Glycol
GSE TC-1 Dual Temperature Controls Plus Heat Trace Cable