Info Tech – Wireless Retrofit Controls


Autani Corporation


Autani’s unique portfolio of wireless retrofit building controls and automation can provide full  Intelligent Building technology functionality to virtually any type of building.


  • Wireless retrofit system enables all buildings to acquire all Smart Building capabilities.
  • Dramatically reduces building energy consumption all year round by enabling scheduling.
  • Can automate the monitoring and control of virtually every piece of building equipment
  • Designed to improve the functional control of any existing building
  • Control heating ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, heating and plug loads
  • Easy to install modular elements that can be implemented over time as desired.
  • Easy to use system software resides on-site to schedule all power consuming devices
  • Autani system software generates a wide variety of standardized and user defined reports.


  • Autani is an integrated portfolio of proprietary hardware and software elements.
  • All Autani devices operate on a secure ZigBEE based mesh communication system
  • Autani Systems are facility based. All building data remains in the facility, not in the cloud.
  • Multiple buildings in a campus or corporate portfolio can be linked by an internet interface.
  • Autani software is BacNet and LON enabled for interconnection to other building systems
  • Proprietary wireless Autani monitors & controls are easily mounted on building equipment.
  • Monitor data is transmitted to a central controller located in the building’s offices.
  • System instructions are broadcast back to the Autani control devices  for implementation.
  • Autani systems allow a full range of scheduling options down to individual devices.
  • Autani systems allow operators to set daily, weekly, monthly, season and annual schedules.
  • Autani’s unique SmartLet intelligent wall outlet enables central control of each work station.


Autani systems are ideal for retrofitting all the following building types:

  • Apartment Buildings & Condominiums
  • Big Box Retailers
  • Churches & Religious Buildings
  • Institutional & Recreational Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Warehouse & Distribution Facilities


The Autani StatCentre is a starting point for many full scale Autani system implementations.

Autani’s StatCenter HVAC Management System provides local or remote web-based coordinated management of thermostats and control of temperature based on schedule, occupancy, and events. The system communicates via AutaniNet, a reliable wireless mesh network, and is easily accessed by an intuitive web-based interface.

Secure anytime/ anywhere access to programming, monitoring and control is provided by StatCenter’s user-friendly, web based dashboard. Multiple locations and systems can be accessed remotely through a single customer account.
StatCenter Thermostats

Autani’s StatCenter HVAC Management System features programmable, wireless thermostats to control the heating and cooling systems in a facility. Thermostats are connected to the HVAC system via conventional wiring and build a secure autaniNet wireless mesh network with each other, wireless motion sensors, the Autani Manager, and other EnergyCenter devices. Wireless thermostats are managed by StatCenter software running on the Autani Manager.
StatCenter Sensors

The EnergyCenter family of products uses sensors to determine occupancy, natural lighting levels, temperature, humidity, and energy consumption levels throughout a facility to identify energy waste and implement policies to reduce consumption. Autani offers a wide selection of wired and autaniNet wireless sensor