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The IESO SaveONEnergy program provides incentives for power conservation projects. Depending on the complexity of the project saveONenergy incentive procedure follow one of three streams.

  • Prescriptive Projects – Fixed incentives for each device installed – e.g. Lighting, Occupancy Controls
  • Engineered Solutions – Incentive based on engineering calculations
  • Custom Solutions – Incentive based on monitoring and verification studies

IESO provides detailed conservation programs for every building type and power consumer: IESO saveONenergy Programs by Sector




 Several Wasser Resources technologies qualify for saveONenergy power conservation incentives including the following:


 Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Controls


Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Control Systems enable building management to schedule the turning on and off of power consuming devices such as lights, fans and motors. Building management can set daily, weekly and weekly schedules for each device or group of devices, such as all the lights in one room or one building zone. Motion and occupancy controls can be incorporated into the building Autani system. By implementing a building control system building owners can rapidly reduce unneeded power consumption immediately. Autani systems are specifically designed for buildings which traditionally have not been built with central control systems including apartment buildings, schools, manufacturing plants and big box format retail stores,

Elspec Power Quality Meters and Remediation Systems 


Elspec Power Quality Meters and Remediation Systems enable building operators to achieve major power savings in certain types of buildings and operations with significant broadband harmonics, low power factor and other power quality issues due to the presence of significant amounts of inductive equipment. Power quality remediation is highly effective in data centres, hospitals, manufacturing plants and high-rise office buildings.


ETime HeatShield Insulating Window Coating

eTime Energy

ETime HeatShield effectively blocks solar heat gain through windows and especially through rooftop skylights. By reducing solar heat gain, ETime reduces air conditioning power consumption.


SolarZone Solar Window Film

HanitaTek SolarZone Logo

HanitaTek SolarZone Window Film is a cost effective solution to reduce solar heat gain for flat vertical windows. By reducing solar heat gain, SolarZone reduces air conditioning power consumption.