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Clear Horizon Solar Window Film

eTime Energy, the industry leader in nano-technology window coatings and manufacturer of HPS-G HeatShield, now offers the Clear Horizon™ family of Window Films designed to enhance your prospects, customers and employees environmental experience. Clear Horizon™ Window Films, when applied to any exterior window, eliminates uncomfortable glare and heat from the sun, protects furniture, displays and carpeting from harmful UV and increase your facilities energy efficiency by reducing your cooling costs.

Clear Horizon™ Window Films block 95% of UV Rays and reject 85% of Infrared Heat while allowing over 70% of the outside visible light to pass into your building. On average Clear Horizon™ Window Films will reduce energy consumption by over 45% when compared to untreated windows by controlling interior temperatures. Lower demand on your air conditioning system means you consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on electricity!

Clear Horizon™ Window Film is an easily installed window treatment that enables standard single and double pane windows to block UV Rays and trap radiant Infrared heat while allowing visible light to penetrate into the indoor spaces.

Clear Horizon™ Window Films is available in 25’, 50’ and 100’ rolls. It is applied to the inside of any existing window easily by following the package directions. Once applied it is easily cleaned with off-the-shelf household and commercial window cleaning solutions. Clear Horizon™ Window Film is backed by a 5 Year limited Warranty including $500.00 Glass Breakage.


Visible Light                        >70%

Infrared Rejection           >85%

UV Blocking                        >95%

SHGC                                     $0.40