Windows – eTime Solar PolyCarbonate

eTime Energy

TransLumonTM Polycarbonate Sheets


Ideal for Skylights and Daylight

 Product Features

  • TransLumon™ clear polycarbonate sheets incorporate unique infrared rejection technology that blocks solar heat gain
  • High energy efficiency, reduces >50% solar heat, blocks 100% UV and >85% near infrared
  • True transparency maximizes daylight without the heat gain
  • Improve customer and employee experiences by reducing uncomfortable solar heat gain
  • Reduce cooling costs and consume less energy
  • Protect and extend life of furnishings
  • Strong, light weight, weather-resistant
  • Impact-resistant and durable, perfect choice for vandal protection, pedestrian corridors, skylights, store fronts, window and storm-door replacement
  • UV protected for long-term clarity
  • Easy to fabricate and formable for curved and flat surfaces
  • Flame-tested to industry building code standards
  • Ideal for hot and temperate climates
  • 4×8 ft. sheets available in various thicknesses

 Product Technical Performance

  • Visible Light Transmitted 69%
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.54
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected 50%
  • Light-to-Solar Gain Ratio 1.20
  • Ultraviolet Rejection 100%
  • U Value (winter) 0.94
  • Visible Light Reflected (exterior) 0.08
  • Glare Reduction 10%