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 eTime Energy Solar Window Film

Clear Horizon 70TM Window Film

Product Features

  • Low cost window retrofit and upgrade solution at fraction of cost to replace existing windows
  • High transparency for virtually invisible appearance
  • Improve customer and employee experiences by reducing uncomfortable solar heat gain
  • Reduce cooling costs and consume less energy
  • Protect and extend life of furnishings

 Product Technical Performance

  • Visible Light Transmitted                             70%
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient                         0.57
  • Total Solar Energy Rejected                        50%
  • Light-to-Solar Gain Ratio                             1.28
  • Ultraviolet Rejection                                    >95%
  • U Value (winter)                                            1.04
  • Visible Light Reflected (exterior)                <7%
  • Glare Reduction                                            20%

LEED Credits

Solar control window films can be used towards LEED for Existing Building Certification in the following manner:

  • SS (Sustainable Sites) – Credit #7, Light Trespass light pollution reduction
  • EQ 8.2 (Environmental Quality) – Glare reduction
  • EQ 7.1 –Thermal comfort
  • EA (Energy and Atmosphere) – optimize energy performance
  • O+M, IO – Innovation in operations, operations and maintenance