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Eco Wave Power is the sole global inventor, owner and developer of the unique EWP wave energy devices. Our wave energy company designs, manufactures and operates the EWP wave energy convertors. We believe that our patented technology is clearly on target to become a world leader in the wave energy field.

Eco Wave Power is the only wave energy company to ever win the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award. According to Frost & Sullivan, “Eco Wave Power efficiently handles the prominent challenges prevailing in the field and offers an all-round solution for effective energy harvesting. Based on the aforementioned performance drivers as measured through Frost & Sullivan independent analysis, Eco Wave Power is the recipient of the 2012 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award”

The EWP technologies (The Wave Clapper and the Power Wing) are “smart” wave generation systems, which use uniquely, shaped buoys to capture and convert wave energy into low-cost, clean electricity.

While examining the operation principles of wave energy convertors with traditionally shaped buoys, we came to the conclusion, that such shapes enable generating only a calculated amount of power at the expanse of lifting force of surfacing. However, the possibility to recover from an incident flow was not utilized. As a result, we have improved the buoy shapes, in a way which enables generating power both at change of water level and from an incident flow. When the “Wave Clapper” and “Power Wing” are operating at different height of waves, their buoys provide a stable operation at different waves’ height.

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The float is made in the form of a leak-proof capacity with a definite configuration of walls . The floater’s foredeck directed against an incident wave has a pointed triangular shape, with chamfers towards the floater’s bottom. At that, a surface confronting waves can have both a flat and curvilinear configuration. Thus, an incident surf wave reinforces a vertical force of the floater’s ascent and getting to the “wedge” formed by foredecks of neighboring pontoons, moves them apart and protects from sides clash. It facilitates decrease in lateral loads of pontoon fastenings to a pier and increase in a construction operation life.

Besides, rounding-off of pontoon angles from the pier side facilitates seawater reflux at wave rolling back from the pier, and furthers pontoon sinking and suction of working liquid into pumping cylinders.

The “Wave Clapper” enjoys many advantages, among which are: Three different Storm-Protection Mechanisms, easy and efficient maintenance, Corrosion Protection which enables a floater’s life span of at least 30 years, Shock-Waves protection Mechanism, Lever Regulation Mechanism, Float Position Regulation Mechanism, an innovative Energy Control System and a Flexible Modular Structure (Please read further info in “Key Features” Tab).

EcoWave Power’s Gibraltar Wave Power Station

Moreover, the “Wave Clapper” production cost is very cost-efficient,  for a 1MW sea wave power station.
  • 1MW is enough for 1000 houses
  • On peak: 600 houses
  • On average: 1,200 houses

The KW production cost is also very attractive. Our prices are competitive not only with the prices of other ocean energy devices, but also with wind, solar, hydro and even traditional methods for electricity production such as: oil, coal, gas and others.

Media Reports

HydroWorld: Eco Wave Power set for 4.1 MW project in Mexico; 2017-06-20

Israeli company Eco Wave Power has begun the construction of a 4.1 MW installation near Tepalcates Beach in Manzanillo, Mexico. The project is being undertaken by subsidiary Eco Wave Power Mexico, which has begun work on the plant after receiving approval for the interconnection from Mexico’s National Energy Control Center. Already, the company said it has secured more than 5,000 square meters for installation of its equipment, and has completed all of the required environmental assessments. (Read More Here)

Subsea World News: Eco Wave Power to Build Wave Energy Project in Mexico

Eco Wave Power Mexico plans to start the construction of the first wave energy project in Mexico, to be located in Manzanillo Port. This announcement follows the procurement of an interconnection approval from the National Energy Control Center in Mexico (CENACE). The interconnection approval received by Eco Wave Power Mexico is for an overall initial capacity of 25MW, and the company plans to execute it gradually, starting with a 4.1MW wave power plant. (Read More)

Tidal Energy Today: Eco Wave Power raises $3 million; 2017-08-14

The Israeli wave energy company Eco Wave Power (EWP) has closed the second round of its fundraising campaign, having secured $3 million for the delivery of project pipeline. The funds will be used to expand EWP’s team and enable faster execution of its 130MW of projects pipeline required to support EWP’s growth and expansion strategy, the company said. (Read More)