Power Tech


Wasser Resources offers our clients a wide array of power technologies which we had selected because of their unique performance characteristics and product qualities. Our technological solutions help facility managers to significantly improve the energy and operational performance their building.


The following are power conserving technologies that can effectively cut your power kWh Consumption and KW Demand. Many of these technologies really shine during the hot summer days when utility hydro rates are at their highest and the resultant savings are the greatest.

  • Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Controls – Automate and Control Your Building’s Lighting, HVAC & Plug Loads – Transform your facility into a green Smart Intelligent Building. Reduce power consumption dramatically by controlling every power consuming device in your building from your central control point – your desk! Easy to create daily, weekly and annual schedules for turning on off devices. Program devices to respond to scheduled responses, local conditions (thermostats, light meters, occupancy controls) and manual overrides – all determined by you! Autani records all device operational results to enable you to produce numerous reports on device operations and savings. Comprehensive reporting to This economical Building Automation System (BAS) can be deployed incrementally throughout your facility as required. Ideal for medium-sized buildings, especially those without existing BAS, including apartments, smaller office buildings, manufacturing plants and retailers. Web-based interface allows for remote monitoring and control for one or more facilities. Autani can enable your building to take part in a Demand Response (DR3) Program to empower you to respond to requests from your utility to shed power load by turning off power consuming devices during peak summer periods when the utility grid is being fully tapped due to high air conditioning needs across the system,
  • EcoWavePower Ocean Wave Power Technology
  • ETime HeatShield Nanotechology Window Coatings – Unique Transparent Liquid Applied Nanotechnology Insulating  Window Coatings – Prevents loss of building heat through your facility’s windows all winter long. Improve comfort level for building occupants. Reduce solar heat input all summer long. Block UV radiation which fades colours, damages sensitive foods and can be harmful.
  • HanitaTek SolarZone Solar Window Films  –  Save Energy, Improve Comfort and Reduce UV – Solar  window films cut solar heat gain during the hot and sunny summer months during the peak daytime period when the highest KW Demand and KWh Consumption charges apply and the power grid is most taxed.
  • Heat Saving Systems – Air Curtains Heated & Ambient Pedestrian & Freight Doors  Air Curtains   – Reduce heat loss in the winter and air conditioning loss in the summer. Improve comfort level for building occupants. Reduces entry of snow, rain, dust and insects to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. Help operators to provide consistent levels of humidity all year round to further improve building occupant comfort and reduce strain on building humidification and de-humidification systems
  • Independent Electricity System Operator SaveONEnergy Incentive Program  Businesses across Ontario can benefit from an array of programs offered throughout the province. There are energy-efficiency programs to assist organizations from the smallest of retail stores to the largest industrial complexes.
  • Independent Electricity System Operator Capacity-Based Demand Response Program   The CBDR involves building operators registering with the IESO through one of its three designated CBDR Aggregators and agreeing to a significant short-term reduction in power consumption when the utility requests it during a period of peak demand when the overall utility grids are at their highest stress point, typically during hot summer days when air conditioning loads are at their maximum.


The following are technologies that can either generate power, or are ancillary to the power generation process. Several of these technologies can be included in a Feed-In-Tarrif type program or other renewable power incentives.

  • Elspec Power Quality – Power Quality Meters, Analyses and Complete Remediation Systems Essential power quality testing and conditioning systems to accompany power generating wind turbines, hydro turbines and other devices that supply power to utility grids and need to meet exacting utility power quality standards in order to secure utility connection agreements.
  • Solar Shingles Canada – Solar Photovoltaic Roof Shingle System – Modular Lego-like roof shingles snap together to transform existing roofs into large solar PV panels to generate large quantities of electricity. Robust steel design  last up to 25 years of maintenance free operation. Qualifies for Ontario Feed-In-Tarriff (FIT) and Micro FIT programs. Ships as easy to deliver kits ready for mounting, assembly and connection. Entire roof can be assembled and installed by roofing installers, including low voltage wiring. Final connection to net-meter or building power supply can be performed by standard electrician in less than one hour.
  • Ontario’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) Program – FIT is the incentive that province provides for generators of Green Renewable Power through solar photovoltaic arrays (PV), wind turbines or biomass power generation.