Entrance Door Air Curtains – Heat Saving Systems


Install entrance door air curtains at all building pedestrian and freight entrances in order to reduce winter season heat loss and energy expenses, increase occupant comfort and reduce slip and fall accident risk. Air curtains are mechanical units that create air foil barriers across all buildings openings. Wasser Resources offers air curtains for every door and application.

MODEL AC200: SERVICE WINDOW AIR CURTAINSAir curtain Our Model AC200 Service Window Air Curtain is the ideal unit for small but frequently opened service windows including at restaurant drive through windows, parking lot kiosks, theatre ticket wickets, transit ticket offices and information booths. We recommend our electrically heated version for this application to help keep your service staff comfortable all winter long. The standard length for these units is 30″ and the standard finish is white enamel.
Please Download Model AC100 Service Window Flyer for Full Technical Specifications


Our AC300 Pedestrian entrance air curtain is the ideal solution for any type of pedestrian entance including for retailers, restaurants, schools and office buildings. The most common size for these units is 39″ wide, but they are also available in 59″ and 79″ lengths for double and triple width doors. These units are electrically heated with powerful fans for maximum comfort. Pedestrial air curtains have the added benefit of helping to reduce the entry of wind driven rain and snow – reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents and continuous mopping up of floors in the vicinity of each building entrance.

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Our model AC400 Air Curtains are ideal for freight entrances and garage doors. We supply these air curtains to large warehouse and distribution centres, manufacturers, transit authorities and underground parking garage operators. The standard sizes for these units are 39″, 59″ and 79″, and may be combined linearly to provide full coverage to overhead door opening. These units are typically not heated (ambient) since they are typically placed in proximity to cieling mounted natual gas fired unit heaters which are used to heat the entire facility. The purpose of the air curtain is to provide an air foil to block the entry of dry cold winter air, rain and snow, and to conserve the building’s own humidified warmer air.

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Our AC1000 Prestige Suspended Air Curtains are typically suspended above pedestrian entrances of hotels, institutional buildings and retail malls and complement the high quality design of these spaces. Because they are designed for pedestrian entrances, they are heated units, and because they are often suspended high above the pedestrian entance doors, they are equiped with high power fans and high output heaters. These units can be ordered with either a white enamel or a stainless steel finish (polished or brushed) to complement of the decor of the facility. Typically these units are electrically heated and are designed to run continuously for maximum effectiveness.

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Our AC1001 Vertical Prestige Floor Mounted Pedestrian Air Curtain is a high quality high output unit designed for high volume entrances such as public arenas, hotels, hospitals and shopping malls. The standard finish for these units is either brushed or polished stainless steel to minimize the likelyhood of damage to the unit finish since unlike any of our other units, these are immediately accessible to building occupants and visitors. Like our other air pedestrian air curtains, these units reduce the loss of humidified warm air, and reduce the entrance of cold dry air and wind driven snow and rain.

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Air Curtains are mechanical units which create air foil barriers across buildings openings, especially pedestrian and freight entrance doors. The following is an illunstration of how air curtains operate from Enbridge Gas Distribution:


  • Standard Unit Lengths: 39″, 59″ and 79″
  • Heating Modes: Electric Heated, Hot Water Heated and Ambient (Unheated)
  • Adjustable Fan Speed and Temperature Controls
  • Control by Manual Handheld, Thermostat and Photoelectric Monitor
  • Most Units can be suspended, wall mounted or floor mounted


  • Reduce Winter Heating Costs: Many Units Qualify for Enbridge & Union Gas Incentives
  • Reduce Summer Air Conditioning and Dehumidification Costs
  • Increase Comfort for Both Staff and Building Visitors
  • Reduce Snow and Rain Entry to Entrance Area Slip and Fall Risk
  • Reduce Floor Washing Costs by Reducing Entry of Blown In Snow and Rain
  • Reduce Infiltration of Dust, Insects and In Debris


In cold climate areas like in Canada, where buildings need to be heated for much of the year, air curtains effectively reduce the loss of a building’s warm humidifed air every time an exterior door is opened. Air curtains also effectively block the entry of cold dry winter air which then needs to be both humidified and heated. Since most buildings in Canada are heated by the combustion of natural gas or other fossil fuels, air curtains can significantly reduce a building’s GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and carbon footprint – while reducing heating costs dramatically! The calculation of actual energy savings from the installation of air curtains is quite complex since these losses are a function of many factors, Enbridge Gas Distribution has developed an online tool to estimate these factor which can be accessed here.


Professional risk managers and insurance adjusters know that lip and fall accidents are the most common occupant hazards in and around Canadian buildings, and most often they are caused by wet floors. Pedestian entrance door air curtains, which are typically heated, can contribute significantly to improve the safety of a building by reducing the infilitration of wind driven rain and snow, as well as moisture tracked into buildings. While the greatest safety improvement can be achieved immediately inside a building entrance, reducing tracked in moisture can help reduce slip and fall risk quite a distance into a building.

Although freight door air curtains are typically not heated directly, they still improve a building’s safety by significantly reducing the entry of wind driven rain and snow. In addition, high powered freight door air curtains help to disperse and evaporate moisture which enter a building, especially when combined with a well designed building heating system.


Most Canadians have had the experience of sitting too close to an entrance door in a coffee shop or restaurant in the winter and experiencing blasts of cold wind and winter air everytime someone enters or exits the facility. Strategically positioned heated air curtains can dramatically improve patron comfort levels – and revenues, while enhancing thier customer’s service experience.

Comfort is also an important factor for staff. We have supplied small air curtains to drive-through service windows which need to be open for customer service all day long. A well designed and installed air curtain can be an enormous benefit to important front-line service staff. At the other end of the size spectum are staff who work in close proximity to large freight doors. We see these freight doors at distribution centre warehouses, factories, auto service centres – in fact they are ubiquitous across our cities and town. Busy operations, where freight doors open frequently suffer the worst effects of temperature fluctuation. Every time a freight doors open, a huge amount of heated air is lost – but just as importantly, staff have to continue to work in conditions which can be very uncomfortable, not a desirable situation for any operation.

Effective Air Curtains provide protection against the elements when the doors are opened temporarily to let people and materials enter and exit, as they must do. Air Curtains and Air Doors complement the thermal protection of building insulation by mitigating the loss of insulation continuity each time a door is opened.