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Canada’s major natural gas distribution utilities offer incentives to help their customers to become more energy efficient by providing financial incentives to invest in energy conservation measures. The following are links to the conservation programs of some gas distribution companies:


Enbridge 2015 Fixed Retrofit Incentives (Air Curtains Summary)

NB: Full Details available on Enbridge 2015 Fixed Retrofit Incentives link above.

Description Customer Incentive Amount Contractor/ Business Incentive Amount
Single Door (Pedestrian Entrance) $50 $50
Double Door (Pedestrian Entrance) $100 $100
Shipping Doors (8′ x 8′) $450 $100
Shipping Doors (8′ x 10′)

Shipping Doors (10′ x 10′)





Union Gas Incentives for Ambient (Unheated) and Hot Water Heated Air Curtains


Union Gas Incentives for Air Curtains

Entrance Type       Door Size           Customer Incentive   Provider Incentive

Single Pedestrian         7’x3′                    $300                             $100
Single Pedestrian         7’x6′                    $400                             $100
Single Pedestrian         8’x6′                    $500                             $100
Double Pedestrian  (2) 7’x3′                   $600                             $100
Double Pedestrian  (2) 7’x6′                   $800                              $100
Double Pedestrian  (2) 8’x6′                $1,000                              $100
Shipping Door               8’x8′                $1,200                              $100
Shipping Door             8’x10′               $1,200                               $100
Shipping Door           10’x10′               $1,800                               $100

The following Wasser Resource technologies qualify for natural gas incentives:


Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Control Systems


Autani building controls enable facility managers to dramatically reduce gas consumption through the use of intelligent thermostats and room heating systems each supplied with two way communication antennas that can enable building management to respond to changes in the amount of heat to be provided to each room or zone. In addition, the Autani Energy Manager Control system allows management to schedule the heating of rooms throughout a building. Finally, occupancy controls can further refine the control of the heating system by reducing heating provided to vacant rooms and building zones.


Freight Door & Pedestrian Door Air Curtains

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Air curtains prevent the loss of building heat throughout the winter each time a pedestrian or freight door opens. In addition, air curtains reduce the infiltration of snow and other precipitation, dramatically reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, a major winter hazard. Most gas utilities provide generous air curtain incentives based on entry door sizes.