Assert Your Control – Building Automation Technologies

The following are building Automation Technologies that can help you to assert more effective control over your facilities:

Autani – Wireless Retrofit Building Controls

  • Wireless retrofit system automates the monitoring and control of equipment in existing building
  • Can be used to control lighting, baseboard heaters, window air conditioners and HVAC systems
  • Gauges, controls and and proprietary wireless radios can be easily mounted on dispersed equipment
  • Gauge data is transmitted to a centrally located receiver which is connected to a standard computer
  • Easy to install, understand and use software generates responses to field data inputs
  • Responses are broadcast back to to the control devices information received to implement

Eagle Technology – Proteus Computerized Maintenance Management Solutions

    • Easy to learn intuitive interface makes system fast to launch and incrementally grow over time
    • Effectively manages assets, operations, staff, contractors, schedules, costs and inventories
    • Produces a wide array of stock and customized management and financial reports
    • Cloud-based architecture links users across large facilities and multile sites
    • Connects office with field staff handheld devices – and incorporates RFID tags and bar codes
    • Input data from any linked device, or automatically from Building Automation System of BIM
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