The Envelope….Please – Energy Conserving Building Envelope Technologies

The most effective way to save energy during the long cold Canadian winter to to prevent the escape of heat from your building’s exterior envelope. The following are several building enhancement technologies that can help you to achieve this goal:

ETime HeatShield Nanotechnology Insulating Window Coating 

  • Reduce window heat loss dramatically to save energy
  • Unique Canadian developed nanotechnology coating 
  • Improve occupant comfort levels next to windows  
  • Insulate stained glass and architectural windows
  • Improve thermal performance of all existing windows
  • Fully transparent to admit limited winter sunlight
  • Same coating reduces summer energy consumption  
  • Easy to apply to all existing types of windows

Heat Saving Systems Air Curtains 

  • Reduce energy costs by conserving building heat
  • Wide variety of floor and wall mounted models  
  • Special designs for pedestrian, freight & garage doors
  • Reduce building heat loss dramatically at all entrances
  • Improve entrance area occupant comfort level 
  • Reduces cleaning costs by keeping wind blown snow out 
  • Mitigate risk of entrance area slip and fall accidents  
  • Reduce building entrance floor cleaning costs
  • Manage winter building humidification more effectively 
  • Easy to install permanent solution to winter challenges  

MIG Energy Saving Paint

  • Apply to interior walls year round to dramatically improve thermal insulation performance
  • Can be applied during the warm summer months to the exterior building cladding
  • A single coat has a dramatic insulating benefit which can be enhanced with an additional coat
  • Employs nanotechnology to provide a high performance solution to buildings
  • Easily applied using standard roller brushes

Energy Conservation Incentives


Many Utilities, especially natural gas distributors offer incentives to projects that contribute to the conservation of natural gas consumption. Currently there are very generous incentives for all types of Air Curtain projects., Please contact us for more information about available incentives. Click Here

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