May 2013, “Beyond Windows & Doors: Innovative Products to Enhance Building Openings”, Construction Materials Magazine

Beyond Windows & Doors: Innovative Products to Enhance Building Openings
Canadian Design & Construction Report – Fenestration Issue – April 2013
The Canadian design and construction sector have done a great job of implementing optimal wall insulation, window and door systems to meet the increasing stringent demands of architects, engineers, building codes and clients to provide high insulation rating, durable finishes and practical maintenance characteristics. Some building owners and building operators are asking, what more can I do to enhance my building envelope? This article will focus on several additional technologies that can be incorporated into your specifications for either new construction or for facility retrofits.
Security Window Films: Unfortunately buildings are at risk from an increasing number of perils, and it is clear that the most vulnerable area of the building skin is its windows. Security window films can make panes more resistance to environmental damage, explosion, accidents and deliberate actions.
Privacy Window Films: Standard windows are designed to be transparent but often building occupants and management need certain building areas to be given some degree of privacy, without a complete loss of natural light or the need for major modifications.
Solar Window Films: Solar window films are designed to selectively reduce the transmission of welcome natural sunlight while shielding the building by selectively reflecting light which generates heat which then needs to be expelled by the facility’s air conditioning system. The highest inflow of solar input in July and August coincides, and not accidentally, with the electricity system’s highest peak loads.
Air Curtains & Air Doors: Air curtains can conserve energy, increase occupant comfort and reduce the risk of slip and fall due to floors made wet through the infiltration of snow and rain. Air curtains come in three basic models, electrically heated, hot water heated or ambient (unheated). Different floor or wall mounted units are available for pedestrian doors, underground parking garage doors and freight doors.
Anti-Graffiti Film for Exterior Finished Walls: Urban areas in particular are vulnerable to graffiti and deliberate or accidental damage of external finished walls and street furniture. A sacrificial film can be mounted directly on a metallic, polished stone or other smooth finished wall to provide a protective damage resistant covering that can be easily replaced as required, with no harm to the underlying surface.
Insulating Window Covering: Even high R-value glazing has limitations on its ability to eliminate the loss of building heat through windows. The addition of attractive insulated window shades can further reduce building heat loss and simultaneously improve the occupant comfort in the direct vicinity of exterior windows.
In summary, while designing and building facilities with high performance doors and windows, as well as excellent wall and roofing systems is essential, new technologies are entering the building product market that can supplement and enhance the performance of even the best engineered traditional materials, reducing maintenance expenses and saving money.
Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng. is a veteran engineer with experience in design engineering, construction and facility management. Wasser Resources Inc. is the distributor of advanced technological products designed to enhance building operations and performance though engineered technology solutions including HanitaTek Security & Solar Films, Heat Saving System Air Curtains and Heat Saver Insulating Window Shades.

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