Enbridge Renews Air Curtain Incentives for 2016

Enbridge has extended its generous air curtain incentive program for 2016. This incentive applies to ambient or unheated air curtains. The air curtain Enbridge natural gas incentive is most generous for garage and freight door air curtains but also apply to smaller pedestrian doors.  Ambient air curtains coupled with suspended natural gas fired heaters are … Read more

Curtain Time! Keep Out Winter Cold with Pedestrian, Garage & Freight Door Air Curtains

Curtain Time! Keep Out Winter Cold with Pedestrian, Garage & Freight Door Air Curtains The temperature outdoors is quickly dropping and soon Canada’s world famous winter cold and snow will be back, but you need not be defenseless against our traditional cold weather. Investing in air curtains for your pedestrian, parking garage and freight doors … Read more

Union Gas Air Curtain Summer Incentive Bonus – Till Sept 30

  Union Gas customers should seriously consider tapping into enhanced incentive funding for air curtains for their entrance doors this summer. Until September 30, 2015, Union Gas is offering their clients a bonus of 75% on their regular energy conservation incentives for air curtains. The following chart summarizes both the regular Union Gas air curtain … Read more

Winter is Coming – Invest in Pedestrian & Freight Door Air Curtains

Winter is Coming -Invest in Pedestrian & Freight Door Air Curtains Tap into Enbridge & Union Gas Incentives With the arrival of November, unfortunately winter is just around the corner. The cold is coming but you can fight back with pedestrian and freight door air curtains. As a bonus, you can reduce your investment cost … Read more

Here Comes the Sun! Summer Season Building & Energy Technologies

SUMMER BUILDING AND ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES   While summer is a great time to enjoy time off with family and friends and to travel around our great and beautiful country, it is also a great time to invest in energy and building optimization technologies including the following ones: ANTI GRAFFITI FILM Protect vulnerable assets in high … Read more

The Envelope….Please – Energy Conserving Building Envelope Technologies

The most effective way to save energy during the long cold Canadian winter to to prevent the escape of heat from your building’s exterior envelope. The following are several building enhancement technologies that can help you to achieve this goal: ETime HeatShield Nanotechnology Insulating Window Coating  Reduce window heat loss dramatically to save energy Unique … Read more

It’s Time to Winterize Your Facilities

It’s that time of year again, winter is coming!  Temperatures are falling, snow is coming and heating costs are mounting. We can’t do anything about the weather, but you can definitely defend your building against whatever Mother Nature presents. We represent a wide array of innovative building technologies including several that can that protect your … Read more

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Beyond Windows & Doors, CSC Hamilton-Niagara Chapter, Burlington, ON, 2013-04-13

  CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATION CANADA HAMILTON/NIAGARA CHAPTER LUNCHEON PRESENTATION BEYOND WINDOWS & DOORS INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS TO ENHANCE BUILDING OPENINGS Thursday, April 18, 2013 @ Royal Canadian Legion, 828 Legion Road, Burlington, Ontario Registration: 11:30 AM, Lunch: 12:00 Noon, Presentation: 12:45 – 2:00 PM Canadian specification professionals do a great job of selecting optimal wall insulation, window … Read more