CASL: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

As you may be aware, CASL, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, comes into effect Canada Day, July 1, 2014.As required by CASL, we are asking you to provide your express consent to continue sending you our product and service updates.

Also as required, we will keep track of the people who have opted in to receive our email to ensure that they keep receiving our updates.

Similarly, we will continue to remove from our email lists anyone who opts out of mailing list. We don’t want to bother disinterested people with our updates.

As required, with every email we send, we will continue to provide you an opt-out clause. You can use the button on the bottom of this page to opt out right now.

Once you have opted out, you will have to write to us to re-join our email list.

If you run a Canadian business, you must follow the same procedure that we have to secure consent from people you send commercial email to.

If you are a foreign business that conducts business in Canada, you are also obligated to get consent from your Canadian clients to continue to email to them.

We value your interest in our Building Optimization and Energy products and services and appreciate your immediate response.

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