Wasser Resources Inc. represents SmartPixel in the province of Ontario. SmartPixel transforms architectural drawings into lifelike virtual presentation centres that help to sell real estate developments faster. Want info or a Test Drive? Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng. (416) 473-4613

The Resilient World Institute Grows in 2023

The Resilient World Institute offers 1-3 day intensive facility and energy training programs for practicing professionals. Leon Wasser MBA, P.Eng., the Director of the Resilient World Institute (RWI) School of Energy, is pleased to report that beginning in 2023, RWI will be offering many new courses. RWI’s courses include: Energy Modelling (Hot2000, eQuest & Energy … Read more

White House Virtual Event – “Let’s Clear the Air on COVID: An OSTP Discussion on Clean Indoor Air”

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 12:30 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET Transcript of this Event Video of this Event On Tuesday, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) will host a virtual event spotlighting the science behind improving indoor air quality to reduce COVID-19 transmission and produce better overall health outcomes … Read more

CBC Interviews Katherine Zhou, Solar Shingle Canada Founder June 2, 2021

“Solar windows, shingles and cladding? The building itself is now the solar panel“ On June 2, 2021, CBC’s reporter Emily Chung interviewed Katherine Zhou, Founder and President of LDK Technologies Inc., which operates under the trade name Solar Shingle Canada. The interview focused on the emergence of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technologies, building elements that … Read more

Canada Greener Homes Grant

New Program Subsidizes Existing Homes Energy Assessment and Retrofits Wasser Resources Inc. is delighted to announce the launch of the “Canada Greener Home Grant”. Canada Greener Homes is designed to reduce Canadian home owner energy costs while helping Canada to achieve its climate change goals. In order to participate in this opportunity, homeowners need to … Read more

UET Chemical Free Water Treatment for Heating Systems

Hot Water System – UET- HW UET’s solution for hot water systems prevents scale, corrosion and bio-contamination in the water system, enabling the safe repeated reuse of water without using chemicals. Water heated to high temperature forms scale. This scale settles on the heat exchangers, bottom of the tanks and in the pipelines, and may … Read more

SonoMask: Unique Pathogen Protection

Commencing in 2013, Sonovia began its mission by fostering the global rights for development concerning a revolutionary sono-chemical coating methodology designed at the prestigious Bar Ilan Univeristy in Israel.  The company proceeded to establish material strategic partnerships and initiatives targeted to support its scale-up efforts; in pursuit of the noble objective to dramatically combat the … Read more

UET Chemical-Free Cooling Water Treatment – New

UET Water Technologies UET Water Technologies UET has discovered how to restore water to its natural balance without adding chemicals, and designed a revolutionary water treatment technology that works in all environments. Restoring Equilibrium Any water passing through different processes changes its properties and will begin losing its natural equilibrium. Most water treatment methods try … Read more

SmartPixel Interactive Virtual Presentation Centres

INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL PRESENTATION CENTRES The New Way to Showcase Major Projects Architects, urban planners, engineers, infrastructure builders, developers and government leaders all need better tools to introduce and present their complex multi-dimensional development projects. SmartPixel virtual presentation centres are the ideal technology to fulfill this urgent need. Static words and pictures, whether in brochures or … Read more

The Role of Engineers in Containing COVID-19

The Battle Behind the Frontline Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng. The iron ring that Canadian professional Engineers wear is a personal emblem that serves as a constant reminder to members of our profession, and to others, of the obligation we have assumed to safeguard the public through our vocation. Only Canadian engineers wear iron rings – … Read more