eTime HeatShield – Liquid Applied Insulating Window Coating – New Product

eTime HeatShield – Liquid Applied Solar Window Film

Wasser Resources Inc. is proud to introduce eTime’s innovative HPS-G HeatShield – A liquid applied, energy saving retrofit window coatingsolution.

HPS-G HeatShield is a retrofit window treatment that converts glass into radiant heat traps, capable of regulating the interior temperature of buildings. By applying a single layer (8 microns thin) to a window, this coating reduces heat transfer, making it optimal for both hot and cold climates. HPS-G HeatShield is based on nanotechnology which works on the principle of High Emissivity [High – E]. In the summer, it absorbs solar bands of light and uses them to heat glass. This creates a thermal barrier which reduces solar heat gain. In the winter, it preserves interior heat using a thermal barrier created by the convective heat from a building’s heating ventilation system.

HeatShield Saves Energy by reducing cooling and heating requirements and Increases comfort by giving you the best of what the sun has to offer.

Please visit our new eTime HeatShield webpage.

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