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Solar Window Film – eTime Energy

eTime Energy HeatShield Family of Solar Heat Gain Products

HeatShield Saves Energy by reducing cooling and heating requirements and Increases comfort by giving you the best of what the sun has to offer.

eTime Energy has developed a complete portfolio of solar heat gain protection window treatments products for the windows of all types of buildings. All of these products incorporate eTimes unique HeatShield nanotechnology which are designed to block the transmission of unwanted excess summer carried by the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared specta of sunlight, while transmitting welcome visible sunlight.

How eTime HeatShield Works

HPS-G HeatShield is a retrofit window treatment that converts glass into radiant heat traps, capable of regulating the interior temperature of buildings. By applying a single layer (8 microns thin) to a window, this coating reduces heat transfer, making it optimal for both hot and cold climates. HPS-G HeatShield is based on nanotechnology which works on the principle of High Emissivity [High – E]. In the summer, it absorbs solar bands of light and uses them to heat glass. This creates a thermal barrier which reduces solar heat gain. In the winter, it preserves interior heat using a thermal barrier created by the convective heat from a building’s heating ventilation system.

The eTime Energy Portfolio of Solar Heat Gain Control Products


Product Features for eTime Energy HeatShield Products

  • All products incorporates eTime energy’s a proprietary HeatShield nanotechnology 
  • All products block admission of invisible ultraviolet (UV) and infrared spectrum of sunlight
  • All products allow the transmission of the welcome visible spectrum of sunlight
  • All products are applied to interior face of windows

eTime Energy HeatShield Products Features

  • Reduce summer season heat gain through windows
  • Increase occupant comfort for facilities without the benefit of air conditioning
  • Reduce the amount of power needed for air conditioning for conditioned buildings
  • Reduce fire risk from under-sized  electrical service
  • Clients can apply for power conservation incentives for projects
  • Reduced spoilage of perishibles including food (produce and chocolates)
  • Reduce fading of ink including in carpets, drapery and furniture.

eTime Energy HeatShield Project Video Testimonials

Other Solar Window Treament Projects

  • Harmony Whole Foods, Orangeville, ON
  • McMaster University, Student Residence, Hamilton, ON
  • Noor Centre, Toronto, ON
  • Parker Pad & Printing, Markham, ON
  • People’s Christian Academy, Markham, ON

eTime Energy HeatShield Product Downloads

Glass Canada Article by Leon Wasser About eTime HeatShield

Go Nano – ETime Nanotechnology Window Coating – An Alternative to Traditional Window Film, Glass Canada Magazine, December 2013

Reflective glass is made by applying a reflective metal-based (usually silver) film or coating onto the glass. Unlike tinted glass, this film or coating works by reflecting the solar radiation away from the glass. The more reflective the film or coating, the more of the visible spectrum of solar radiation is reflected away, creating a mirror-like look to the glass and reducing visibility. The more reflective the coating, the more difficult it is to see through the glass…..Click to continue to full articleIESO Power Conservation Incentives

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