Wasser Resources Introduces a New Solar Products Web Page

The sun is the source of all life – and all energy on planet early. We offer an array of products that harvest the energy of the sun while sheltering us from its harmful and invisible ultraviolet rays.

Solar Shingle Canada – Solar Photo Voltaic Roofing System

Convert your roof into an energy generation system. Our solar shingle replace conventional asphalt shingle tiles with an integrated system of modular photovoltaic tiles that easily connect together in a Lego-like fashion to transform an entire roof into a energy producing solar array. Solar Shingle obviate the need for costly and cumbersome racking for large cumbersome solar panels as well as asphalt shingles, dramatically reducing the cost of a fully functional energy system. Ideal for off-grid applications including remote First Nation communities, mining and resource extraction facilities, military facilities and scientific installations.

Solar Tomorrow – Integrated Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Tomorrow produces a line of building integrated solar wall panels that can be either incorporated into the curtain wall of a new green building, or mounted on the exterior wall of
an existing building. This Canadian technology incorporated a unique micro-channel design with surface finishes that compliment or even fully blend into the facilities exterior wall design and overall architectural design. Ideal for facilities with large expanses of “blank” exterior walls including swimming pools, gymnasiums, public buildings and institutional facilities. Designed to produce hot water for domestic use, institutional kitchens, recreational facilities and remote northern communities, food processing and any other facility which uses large amounts of heated water.

HanitaTek SolarZone – Solar Window Films

Dramatically reduce air conditioning costs, improve building occupant comfort levels and reduce ultraviolet (UV) light damage to vulnerable products including food and paint. HanitaTek SolarZone films transmit the desired light of the visible spectrum while blocking the damaging heat generating invisible UV spectrum light. Ideal for any facility with large windows where maintaining a stable comfortable environment while conserving energy is a priority.

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