Food Manufacturing Facility Technologies

Food manufacturing is one of the largest and most complex parts of Canada’s manufacturing sector, employing hundreds of thousands and generating billions of dollars in economic activity. The following is a selection of technologies of particular relevance to the food manufacturing sector:

Elspec Power Quality

  • World class power quality meters & conditioning systems designed to uncover and repair problems
  • Identifies and repairs phase imbalances, broadband harmonics, surge, sag, spikes etc.
  • Conserves power by filtering out and recycling otherwise unusable power
  • Protects building electrical system, base building equipment
  • Extends life of all building electrical devices by providing a reliable clean power source

HanitaTek Security Window Films

  • Holds window glass together after accidental or intentional impact
  • Improves safety & reduces theft
  • Wide variety of clear, translucent and frosted films
  • Easy to install directly onto existing window panes
  • Once installed, films can are nearly invisible
  • Can be factory installed or applied to deployed assets

Leon Wasser

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