More Power To You: Wasser Resources Power Conservation Technologies Newsletter

More Power To You: Wasser Resources Power Conservation Technologies Newsletter

On Monday, December 2, the Ontario Government introduced its eagerly anticipated new Long Term Plan for Energy. The following are the two most important announcement in the plan for building operators:

(1) Power prices will increase over the next several years

(2) Building owners are expected to invest in conservation

You can download the full plan here.

The following are power conservation measures that building owners and managers can invest in to reduce their KWh power Consumption and KW peak power Demand:

Autani Wireless Retrofit Building Controls

  • Automate & control lighting, HVAC & plug loads
  • Reduce power consumption dramatically
  • Control all electric devices from one computer
  • Easy to create daily, weekly and annual schedules
  • Turn on or off devices any time of day or night
  • Use with thermostats, occupancy & light controls
  • Permanently record all actions to optimize use
  • Generates numerous standard & custom reports
  • Reports operating results and energy savings
  • Start small and expand system as required
  • For apartment, office, industrial & retail units
  • Web-based interface allows remote monitoring
  • Can expand to include multiple buildings
  • Qualifies for utility Demand Response programs

ETime Insulating Nanotechnology Window Coating

  • Transparent liquid applied nanotechnology
  • Developed and manufactured in Ontario
  • Effectively insulates all types of windows
  • Prevents loss of building heat during winter
  • Reduces solar heat gain in summer
  • Ideal solution for stained glass windows
  • Provides insulation to historic buildings
  • Perfect solution for domed or flat skylights
  • Improve occupant comfort level year round
  • Reduces solar UV radiation transmission 99%
  • Article about ETime in Dec 2013 GlassCanada

HanitaTek SolarZone Solar Window Film

  • Reduce summer solar heat gain
  • Saves energy while improving room comfort
  • Reduces damaging solar UV radiation
  • Effective in hot and sunny summer months
  • Reduce summer consumption & peak demand

Heat Saving Systems – Entrance Door Air Curtains 

  • Electric or hydronic heated & ambient (unheated)
  • Excellent heat & a/c containment at entrances
  • Sizes range from drive-thru to airport hanger
  • Essential for busy pedestrian entrance doors
  • Ideal for freight doors to prevent heat loss/gain
  • Reduce winter heat loss and energy consumption
  • Reduce summer air conditioning & power needs
  • Improve humidity and fresh air more effectively
  • Improve comfort level for all building occupants
  • Reduce snow, rain, dust & insect cleaning costs
  • Reduce slip and fall risks & maintenance costs



SaveONEnergy Power Conservation Incentive Program


Demand Response (DR3) KW Load Shedding Program

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